This is Their Story: Redemption Chapter II

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A small burst of raw psionic energy envelops the man sending pain through every part of his body. "You think you know me little man? There is more to me than meets the eye. So if you want to try something you'd better try now before I lop you head off."
I scoff and turn back to the others. "The new sight will be fine. Just let me know when you are ready to head that way."
"You'll have to earn it after that little stunt. Find some fire wood, we need more." I then turn back to Jessica. "How wide is the stream?"
I look at the other tent that is still set up. "Just need to take that down and gather up the rest of our supplies." I put my sword back on my back and move towards the still set up tent.
"I'd say about 15 feet wide."
I start taking down the tent. This new guy was a real @ss and I was quite close to ripping his head off ... or something a little more interesting.
"Get the wood. We're not concerned about smoke, and with whatever those things are, light is a good thing at night. And you'll get my name when I feel you're not going to stab us in the back." I return my attention to Jessica. "That's definitely wide enough....We'll want a raft here soon and the rest of my idea can wait."

I had returned to my spot in the tree and shake my head. The new guy was mere moments from death.
"Right, though a raft might take some time to make sure that is sufficient for travel on."
"Significantly less time than what I have planned for in that other forest." A plasma round then hits the ground near Commervac. "Ask. Take three or four pieces and we'll eat more later."
"Oh?" I was now curious. "What would that be?"
Ignoring the Commervac's remarks, I continue. "Think city in the trees. It'll give us cover, shelter and an advantage on anyone thinking they can sneak up on us."
I simple ignore the man for now. I wasn't in the mood for talking with him nor hearing what he has to say.

"That might work so long as they aren't pyromanical."
"I think those guys from earlier were an exception. The ones before weren't in a hurry to destroy the woods."
"Right, Another thing that comes to mind for concern is the fire that we use for light cooking and heat."
You just signed yourself for trouble.

IC: "That will have to come later. Commervac had a point with the stones."

I drop in front of the man, stopping him before he got too far. "I don't think that belongs to you."

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