This is Their Story: Redemption Chapter II

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"Maybe... Anyway we better be off to the new site if we want to be set up before dark. We could also start fortifying our position making an attack on us less likely to succeed."
I nod and grab the meat, slinging it over my shoulder and checking my weapons. "So the stream is how far?"
"It was about a twenty minute sprint for me, so I'd say about a forty to fifty minute walk depending on the pace."
I stand up and stretch out some readying to return to the stream.
I finish packing up the tent, place it on my back and head back to Ryan and Jessica. "Ready whenever you all are."

OOC: likely going to mostly vanish after this. At least for the rest of the afternoon/evening
"Then explain the supply pack on your back." I shake my head. "Where you go is not my business, but what you do with supplies that you didn't help gather is."
"Just let me know when everyone is ready, or at least those that are wanting to go that way."

OOC: Gotta leave for awhile. Jessica will lead onward when everyone that is going with is ready.
"I need a recap. Also, I would have to be carried from being completely sapped of all physical strength."
Haven't missed much.
Nukesters Char has shown up, hasn't made gotten along with anybody and tried to grab/steal some food. Jerus is confronting him.

I slip to my feet, casually moving towards the newcomer. Slipping my rifle off my back, I activate my camo and lean up against a tree, watching the exchange between him and Jerus.
A roaring mechanical sound is heard. An engine of some kind. It's getting closer.
You know...we won't see Nuke again til tomorrow, so why don't you all do something useful? Otherwise the RP will stalemate.
OOC: I didnt know, I guess ill edit and do something else.
Yay! Ryan can do something too. XD

IC: Hearing the engine, I bring my rifle up. "Sounds unfriendly."
A white military SUV rolls up with an MG mounted on the back (its an SUV with an open back kinda like a Pickup truck) and they start scanning for targets in the forest. 4 men climb out the back and one in the front weilding handguns and SMG's. 2 have nicely crafted blades (that they probably dont know how to use)
I grin and take cover behind a tree. "Not friendly at all." {We got Tangos inbound. Korozain, take one of the guys with the sword.}
"Great first the new guy and now actual hostiles. I was beginning to thing this planet was docile." I comment sarcastically as I duck behind a tree drawing my Kaiser blades. "Least they were kind enough to provide us with transportation."
{More worried about the guns. Those will tear apart any CQC combatants before they get close enough to do any good.}
{Well I think I can stun them with that same ability I used on the new guy. That should give us an advantage.} I start readying myself for the fight.
{I wouldn't if we don't have to. Perhaps our two stealth experts?}

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