This is Their Story: Redemption Chapter II

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I walk up to the MG and start examining it. "Well it looks like it has been maintained somewhat."

After a bit I walk to the front of the SUV after popping the hood so I could look at the engine.
Kroger I already killed that guy and Commervac is going rogue ... he may end up dead later.
More likely on Korozain's than yours and if you run into a hybrid while on your own definitely bye bye.
I...don't think Hybrids will be in it this time around...
err not a hybrid one of those weird creatures made of pure darkness or what ever.
Oh, those. That...would be comical and horrible all at once.
Yep :P we just sit there and watch as he gets shredded by the thing then when he is dead we appear and kill it.
So what did I miss this time when I was to tired to post last night?
Just a small fight. We saved Koro a bandit, but he hasn't posted recently.
Sorry I haven't been on, dad went into surgery and just got back. Recap?
We saved you a bandit after you DMed their arrival. All but that one are dead.
What does he have? Gun or blade?
Blade. Tis what I promised.
I make myself appear in front of the man with the blade. I draw Darkstar and wait for him to charge.

He charges, like an idiot. He tries to cut me down the center, predictable. I step to the side, then grab his arm and snap it backwards, making him drop the blade. I spin Darkstar to get some momentum and slice his other arm off. Keeping the speed of the polearm, I spin it behind my back then split him in half.
"That could have been a lot more direct. Not even a little sport?"

I shake my head. Couldn't even put down a mongrel without some fun. Jerus was messed up, though how much was unclear.
The odd growling noise is heard again. It sounds pretty close now.
"Can I be recapped again? My computer kept freezing before I could do anything. I think it is working now."
OOC: Bandits have all been killed and Jessica is examining the SUV right now.

IC: I stop what I was doing and look up to examine the area around where I was. "That doesn't sounds friendly..." I mutter to myself drawing one of my Kaiser blades.
Inside are some bones, canned food (some have holes in them) and rounds for the mounted MG.

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