any tvp mech in HoTs?

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Hi all, i just got HoTs beta key this week. I found that hellbats are realy helpful in tvz and tvt mech. So i was wondering if hellbats could make mech viable in tvp. any ideas?
Certainly -- actually, very viable.

The mech I've been using is primarily Hellbat-Tank based. I know some people have been Thor-Hellbat maxing, which also functions well, but I personally prefer tank based armies as they're so effective vs Colossi.

The linchpin is certainly Hellbats though. With the new buff, they're not only good vs Light units, but do considerable damage to all units with a significant splash radius and not half-bad attack rate.

Personally, I tend to 1 rax FE into a 2 factory Widow/Hellbat push with about 5 marines and a Tank. Expo behind it. Sometimes the push will outright kill the Protoss, but you're really focused on keeping his unit count low. TvP mech suffers from a weak spot around the 12 minute mark. You're not quite maxed then, and the Protoss will be maxed if you don't do early game forcing/unit count control.

Other than that, build plenty of turrets and fortresses to stop oracles/Warp prisms/Zealot warp ins from ruining your day and you're otherwise set. Engage intelligently and postion well. Incorporate ghosts later on for immortal/HT/Archon control.

Good luck, and if you want some replays I'd be glad to send them your way. HTOMario's stream is also a great resource, he plays ONLY mech vs all races in HotS, and is one of the best (top Tier masters; was GM for 2 seasons and routinely beats Pros).
vs standard protoss WoL plays they work, but vs protoss who mass immortal archon and pull back when EMPed because your mech army cant chase him down no not really
thx. this is really helpful! im gonna try it now.
could u send me some replays? i dont think im doing it right.
02/02/2013 02:01 PMPosted by superpigkk
could u send me some replays? i dont think im doing it right.

Are you using Hellion/Banshee harrassment to stall time to expand and build up your army. This will make a difference if you aren't doing it already.

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