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Everyone go ahead and post your char sheets, PROVIDING that they have been approved by Darkra and/or Zarkun.

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Name: Tycho

Age: 20-22 (isn't sure)

Sex: male

Demon Arm(neutral oriented):
Angelic/demonic chain bracers called Sufferer's Vengeance (He can control and direct lengths of the chains with his mind, kinda like a mashup of Doc Ock & Whiplash, except the chains can (magically) extend out quite a bit.)
12" utility knife called Payback

Physical Description: Lithe and very thin, about 5' 8", short dirty blond hair, gray eyes with a haunted look, a wide assortment of rather nasty looking scars scattered across his body (arms, legs, face, chest & back). wears a well worn pair of black shoes, blue jeans, a badly stained (once) white teeshirt and battered leather jacket.

Backstory: The unwanted son of an Angel of Vengeance and a Demon of Pain and Torture, Tycho was cast out onto the streets of New Haven and left to die. However, due to his unique nature, he was able to survive a grueling childhood on the outskirt slums of New Haven...

Devil Trigger Power: Pain. When Tycho is wounded physically, mentally, or emotionally, he can strike back in vengeance. Should the attack be powerful enough, (ex. knocks him unconscious) the trigger will be automatic, whether Tycho wants to strike back or not. The power and duration of his DT would be proportional to whatever Tycho goes through.
Name: Xenros Korzal
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Demon Arm(neutral oriented): A Katana named Mortis and duel wields eight barrel Revolvers, one named Creperum, and the other named Lux.
Physical Description: Olive skin tone, brown eyes, long black hair, and fairly muscular. Is around 6' 5" is quite skinny. He wears simple brown cotton clothing and combat boots.
Devil Trigger Power: He performs something called Elemental Pulse, where he shoots a pulse of one of the following: Fire, Ice, Earth, Air, or Water. The ice encasing a four foot radius in ice. The water covering a five foot radius in water, the fire exploding into flames within a 3 foot radius, the earth being a 2 foot radius rock, and the air knocking the enemy back.
Backstory(optional): Xenros is the offspring of a devil named Rak'lin and an angel named Rhea. He was raised by his mother until he was ten, then he was trained by his father until he was fifteen. Then his parents disappeared completely, leaving him to his own devices, but the training his father gave him was enough to defend himself from the world. He is hesitant to kill the supernatural, but will kill those of the Order and the Dominion without a second thought.

Name: Zolric Kraz
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Weapons(custom): Glaive (http://wolfstrome.deviantart.com/art/Kiba-Glaive-61076778), A Tower Shield (http://artisansdazure.deviantart.com/art/Shield-with-bay-leaves-187139902) and a revovler (http://z-man12.deviantart.com/art/Beretta-Revolver-79366289)
Class Choices: Bianco Angelos
Features: If I do show the face, I will describe it then.
Backstory: Zolric was born into the Order, his training process starting quickly, for he was as young as 14 when he first started training. He specialized in two handed weapons, such as the Glaive. When he finally had the Ascension, at the age of 23 his increased strength from the Bio-Suit allowed him to wield the Glaive in one hand and a shield in the other. His shield, when equipped, is attached to his forearm leaving his hand free to use his revolver. He has dedicated his life to fighting the demonic forces.
Armor: It rather bulky and the main colour is a silver with the trimming is teal. The helmet is similar to this: http://azmal.deviantart.com/art/Knight-s-Templar-Helmet-255790336 The armor is slightly slimmer than the standard armor.
Name: Cassandra Emberlight
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Faction: With the Dominion, but not actually loyal to them.
Weapons: Scoped Plasma Pistol, Small Dagger. A ship in high orbit, though it probably won't be used much except in an emergency.
Other Equipment: Rechargeable Energy Cells (6), Encrypted Transmitter, Psi Screen, Homing Beacon.
Psionic Capabilities: 1.5
Backstory: Pilot of the U.E.D.S.N. Windseeker, a prototype for a stealth missile frigate that was discontinued due to excessive production costs. Expert pilot and computer hacker. Stuck in the Koprulu Sector after surviving the Zerg attack on the UED expeditionary fleet; now wanders around the sector working with various factions, typically without anyone in authority knowing who she is, and leaving before anyone notices that she wasn't supposed to be there. No actual allegiance except with the rest of the Windseeker's crew. Hacked into Dominion files to get assigned to this mission out of curiosity, but would not have been here otherwise. Flew the Windseeker into high orbit above New Haven (the Dominion are unaware of its presence), and then announced herself to the Dominion as part of their team of psionics (supported by the list of people assigned here from the Dominion database). Dislikes the Dominion, but working with them for the time being.
Physical Description: Shoulder length straight brown/blonde hair, slightly tall for her age. Has piercing green-grey eyes. Wears a long, light grey coat.
Name: Andrianampoinimerina (Andrian)
Age: 45 (looks 30)
Sex: Male (?)
Demon Arm(neutral oriented): A large magnetic based machine "pistol" that fires extremely heavy bullets for it's size. Also, a claymore than can retract.
Physical Description: 6'6, 210 pounds. Muscular and large, long, straight but flowing black hair. Several odd symbols on his face, wears a black suit of armor.
Backstory(optional): Nothing is known about his early life, but he eventually found New Haven, and began wrecking havoc on the populace. He became notorious for capturing and torturing people, specifically by impalement. He employs the services of simple ape-like creatures, who have good strength but lack intelligence.

Devil Trigger Power: Time-rip. Can rip a temporary portal to another time of his choosing. The portals are short-lasting, and aren't very large, but he finds ways to use them.

Name: Andrick Fontun
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Weapons: MX-36 Experimental Rockets, LL-2 Automatic assault rifle, V-class claymore sword, G101 Sticky Grenades
Class Choices: Alto Angeles
Backstory: [Access Denied]
Features: [Access Denied]
Name: Dante Orcalus
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Demon Arm(neutral oriented): Katana called Takeo, and twin Revolvers called Michelle and Laura
Physical Description: Red hair with blackish orange eyes, tall, around 6'7", scar on left cheek, athletic build, and is much stronger than he appears and faster, wears a blue tee shirt without sleeves, black jeans, brown combat boots, and a long red coat with white scrolling inscribed up the right side.
Backstory(optional): Dante was born in the way all Nephilim are, to a demon and an angel, the Demon his mother, the angel his father. When he was born, his parents vanished from New Haven, taking him out into the country along the beach and raising him there in all the ways of battle, making sure he was ready to fight against the tyranny of The Order, the demons, and the Dominion.
Devil Trigger Power: Can do something called a Flash Step, cutting things apart as he moves, almost impossible to see if you can't keep pace with him, and allows him to move faster than normal.. His hair becomes black when he activates it.
Name: Rie'marth'euel (Demon) Samantha (Human, with other names for other bodies)
Age: Unknown
Sex: Unknown
Demon Arm(neutral oriented): Physical strength + Demon Form Weapons
Human appearance: Many appearances, but just going to state the one it'll use often:
Female, roughly age 30. 6' with pitch-black hair covering one eye and a pig-tail in the back. Lithe build with a formal appearance(Dress with a necklace, well-cleaned.) Left arm has a glove that covers the arm entirely. Green eye color.
Demon Form: Massive black-skinned creature (35 feet height) with no legs. Multiple sets of wings (Three pairs). Long tail with wrecking-ball end. No head, with a single shifting eye in the center of its body. No arms openly visible, instead spiked tendrils erupt from its body. Mouth on the bottom of its body that splits open into eight flaps with teeth and various other weapons it can use.
Backstory(optional): N/a
Name: Myrivene Zenarctur
Age: 27
Sex: Female
Demon Arm(neutral oriented): A longsword named Atlica and a twin set of CZ79's named Romulus and Remus
Physical Description: Beautiful shoulder length auburn hair, Athletic build much stronger and faster than she looks, Jean short-shorts, Halter top, Combat boots, Leather Jacket, Finger-less gloves, Flawless skin with a natural tan
Backstory(optional): She grew up outside of New Haven with her Demon mother and Angel Father. She trained in every way her parents could teach her from a very young age. Whenever she got free time she would go watch her neighbor train. Her neighbor never knew she was there because she never stayed very long and always watched from far way. Myr has always been shy when it came to her neighbor whom she refers to as ‘the boy’. She never built up the courage to go talk with him when she was younger.
Devil Trigger Power: Shadow Saiyan: Myrivene can go Shadow Saiyan allowing her to move a lot faster than normal and hit even harder. While in Shadow Saiyan mode she can also drain full demons of their power and add it to her own for the rest of the time she is in that particular Shadow Saiyan transformation. She can remain in Shadow Saiyan form for 5 minutes but is drained almost to the point of falling unconscious. Her hair becomes a mix of black and gold while in her Shadow Saiyan mode.

Name: Oleraea Anglano
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Weapons(custom): Adamantium Great Sword called Judgement
Class Choices: Alto Angelos
Backstory (optional): [Data Corrupted]
Features (you only need to use this if you plan to show your real face in any duration of the RP): Shoulder length Silver hair, Stands 5’9” out of armor (Add however much height to this for the in armor height), pale skin from being in the armor too much, Athletic build, green eyes
Name: Raila Krieger
Psionic Powers: Ability able to detect other psions from only a short distance away and she can go out of her body to a very limited distance to observe the areas around her.
Weapons: A class L86A2 LSW designated marksman rifle from the old British country! Has an AGR from her ghost day's as well.
Physical Description: Slim figure, brown hair, hazel eyes, and relatively pale skin and has a british accent.
Backstory: Taken as a child from her family for the ghost academy she was trained in the operations and procedures of the Ghost program. Ranking as one of the top 5 in her class, first being the infamous Nova Terra, she was sent on operations of extreme importance to the Dominion's security. She held an anonymous grudge against Nova, eavesdropping on Dominion high command was relatively easy since nobody liked pissing her off, she learned the current mission complete status of the ghost from her classes, she was second best in her class but her pride was stopped short when she learned for every mission she completed Nova had completed five more, for every terrorist and alien leader she killed Nova had twenty more heads to her trophy case. For every man, beast, and alien she killed Nova had massacred hundreds more... Her missions completed soaring and her status climbed to the top of the board, almost on par of Nova because of the enraging news she was eventually offered the operation in New Haven. Now inspirited by the news of her apparent victories she is determined to complete this to achieve a victory over her nemesis.
Name: Myruko
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Weapons: "Heaven's Blaze" Pulse Rifle. (Fires pure light rounds, semi-auto marksman rifle), array of knives and 2 "Sun" Claymores. The blade is much like a psi-blade but uses a fiery light energy. A "Wrath" pistol, it is a different type of gun-blade. It is a pistol where the barrel turns up to make a dagger. It's power is equivalent to that of a .50 caliber (Fires rounds similar to the "Heaven's Blaze" Rifle)
Class Choices: Bianco Angelo
Backstory: Even though she is an Angelo, she is still a ferocious fighter, and an efficient killer. She prefers to wear her lighter armor for more agile strikes, and uses her rifle to do long ranged attacks, but doesn't fear the front lines whatsoever.
She harnesses her heavenly powers to make rounds and coat her blades, and death...
She looks into the eyes of Death every day...
Features: If she shows her face, I'll describe then. Her armor mildly fits her body (slim, somewhat hourglass shape) her light blond hair comes out of her helmet.
Name: Ventus Hassano
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Demon Arm(neutral oriented): A gunblade named Beowulf. which is a double edged blade with the hilt up to a good couple inches of the blade section is an extended barrel revolver that can hold 8 rounds. when a button is pressed the section up to the barrel of the revolver split down the middle and retract to the side exposing the barrel of the gun.
Physical Description: Black Hair, red eyes, dark trench coat, red T-shirt, jeans, he has moderate build but is very strong due to him being a Nephilim
Backstory(optional): after he was born his angel mother and demon father was slain by the leader of Hades Inc. a corporation run by demons which is partially the way demons control New Haven. He has sworn vengeance against them but has never gotten the spare time from being on the run from demons 24/7
Devil Trigger Power: His hair turns white and he performs a skill called "Zero-G". he is able to neutralize gravity so that everything is floating in the air except him. he can control any inanimate object that is in the air and fling them with very strong force at his enemies and can perform special abilities like Entomb which draws all the debris to one enemy.
Name: Haze Kinra
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Psionic Power: 4
Weapons(s): Staff Blade
Gifts: Dreamstate (Allows the user to search new possibilities while asleep... Of course it's dangerous in combat, but why would you sleep in combat? It's more or less a interactive state where you are inside of a dream realm in a sense.) Vision of Time (Can see into the past, or the future... Not for long, and is weakened after it)
Physical Description: Long brown hair, hazel eyes, Seer's Marking on her arm, pale skin.
Name: Gransomino (Demon) Viktor (Human)
Age: Unknown
Sex: Unknown
Demon Arm(neutral oriented): Bladed Claws + Wing Shield
Human appearance: Many appearances, but just going to state the one it'll use often:
Eyes may appear black with bits of purple, orange, and green in them. Wears a leather duster that will turn into black feathery wings in his demon form. Boots and Fingerless Gloves that turn into Bladed Claws in his demon form. silk black hair that is close cropped. Has a metal playing card around his neck which is an Ace of Spades.
Demon appearance: Two sets of black feathery wings, three black eyes with bits of purple, orange, and green in them. With four arms, with the hands all being bladed claws. The legs are like a birds with how they are designed. The playing card is sealed on his heart. Can control swarms of ravenous ravens. Or disperse into a flock of them when severally in danger. Along with a barbed tail with a snatching claw on the end.
Backstory: One of Hell's harbingers... While also finding for the one...
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