How does a protoss counter a late game ghost?

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I'm trying to counter a late game Ghost MMM viking ball, and just cannot do it. EMP is just so powerful. Storm becomes useless since I can't use it after ghost hit with emp first. They always get an emp first.

100 damage to all my units and kills all my energy, what am I suppose to do?
HT, spread your HT, feedback ghosts if you can, engage carefully. if anything you have a huge advantage vs the terran player at that point just kinda avoid the EMPs
If you are leaving your army unattended spread them out in a concave before you do so.
HTs or A few DTs mixed in to hunt down the ghosts.
Get a good number of collo/archons/zealots depending on the amount of ghosts on the field.

Keep the terran nervou.s with his army. Make sure you target the ghsts with your collo.

Dont let the terran get 20+ ghosts.

A great strategy late game i fou d very hard to deal with is the 15-20 worth of population drop in the terran main of zealota/ dts while the terran is maxed. It will cause chaos, alot of it. Use this opportunity to make your next move around the map or straight up win.
by the time u have Hts you should have an army behind it. most terrans lead with ghosts and emp everything as much as they can, so your zealots start punching them, forcing them to blow their emp early or just die, in which case u walk in after and u have spells and they dont. at the cost of only a few zealots.
If you go from colossi into HTs like most, you ahve more firepower to kill the ghosts
(just dont let your observer die)
How about Protoss wins w/o storms? lol

oh wait Protoss players are lazy as hell and don't want to micro like a Terran.

but spread your Templar's, don't have it clump up dead center of your Protoss army, its a easy target for ghost to EMP them all.

All good Protoss engages w/ there army first while High Templar are slowly making its way to battle and make sure there spread at least a little bit.

Ghost are the worse unit to micro w/

we cant transform into archon like templars do.
Do not listen to the guy suggesting Zealots. Ghosts do bonus damage to light and tear up zealots, esp cloaked and with no detection.
A good way is to not let the Terran make the late game if they go with a 1 rax fe, which most Terran do. Just hit him with a 3 gate robo it's very tough for Terran to hold.

To actually answers the question use obs and colossi. 3 colossi will one shot like 6 or so ghosts , pre split high temps and get good storms on Vikings. engage in a good choke and use forcefields to maximise aoe your aoe damage.
You use the usual Templar/Stalker/Zealot micro including splitting your Templar and trying to use storms or feedbacks on the Ghosts whenever you can and blinking Stalkers forward if you see an opening to pick off a Ghost or two, coupled with using your Colossus to ward off the Ghosts from getting close enough to your Templar in the back, keeping them from sniping or EMPing them as well as causing major losses if the Terran player leads with his Ghosts.
around mid-late game, it is more tasking on the terran to micro his army during engagements... but at 17-20+ ghosts, it's definitely more tasking on the protoss. You have to accept this fact... Pre-emptively split your HT's at all times, be very cautios with observers, (don't let them get sniped against good players) and just, use your advantages as protoss. A couple off teh top of head is use some ForceFIelds once Emp goes down, to recover your shields and Mid-Battle Warp-Ins! Late game, A terran loooves his MULES to keep that constant mineral heavy composition going, so forcing him to burn scans on DT'z is the most annoying thing in the world. Justin Bieber says "never say never" but, you almost never see Ravens patroling the skies for a Terran that goes Bio... If so, keep sniping that slow bulky expensive detector, carefully micro those DT's for optimal harassment, and bug the heck out of the Terran forcing him to scan!
Colossi, charglot...
that's it...anything else are garbage
Speed warp prisms and DTs.

You would be surprised but most terrans won't expect it and when you have 10+ zealots warping in at a given location while terran production does not construct in waves you could have a big problem.

In any scenario keeping hts in them can prevent EMP, make them more mobile and open the door to storm drops which have been proven effective in pro games.

But yes...

Colossi, charglot...
that's it...anything else are garbage

I find this works best.

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