So this is gonna sound stupid but....

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I need friends lol like Terran friends. I LOVE playing monobattles (because I suck at 1v1) but when I play with other people who are good I suddenly get alot better and I learn alot by playing with better people so I was just wondering if anyone would like to be my friend and maybe help me out a bit haha thanks.
Everyone wants to be your friend from all the responses.

Add me MisQ. 974
sure add me althought im not often on
marcmad #163
Add me

Hoo 161

I need friends, too!
Add me too!

Alterex 882

I like doing monobattles, but I really like 1v1's. Maybe we can teach each other some things
i dont need friends.....

chansen 838
i dont need friends.....

chansen 838

"Ghost reporting for duty."
Even though it took like ten days Im glad I got a few people haha :)
Add me to

Code 644

Color me happy
Scurvywolf 467

All my friends play LoL, so i need all the SC2 friends I can get!

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