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Hello, my buddy's comp recently gave out on him and has been out of the PC gaming world since. Hes on a budget so he hasn't been able to buy a comp and since i'm on one too, I couldn't really help him in buying a new one. Another problem is we're some what techyish but not on a big level and because of this we resort to buying already assembled computers from best buy and such and those are pretty pricey - especially since most people say you pay way too much for the level of technology their comps provide and can get a better "bang for your buck" deal by building one.

So my question is: How do we go about buying and building a computer from scratch that will provide a decent level of graphics and such for gaming and isn't going to run our money dry - for beginners? Maybe someone could point me in the right direction or to a great guide and website as to start my buddy's journey back into the gaming world?

Edit - Thanks for any feedback in advance, would go greatly appreciated.
If you haven't been on Tom's Hardware then that's a pretty good/big website focused on PC's. it has reviews, forums, charts and all kinda geeky crap.
thanks for the reply bilbo, I'll look into it right away.

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