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Hey all, I was curious as to how many competitive players are in my area. I'd like to get some kind of clan going for us hardy midwesterners for when HotS hits. It seems hard to find practice partners by just roaming battle.net and wouldn't mind playing some quality games with people with a desire to improve.

Minnesota doesn't have the biggest e-sports scene and it would be pretty cool to establish some footing, in some way.
I'm from & in minnesota but I'm already in a clan
Well Im from Carolina brother but check us out, you might like what you see.

Go Panthers


- Wes
Im from minnesota and im a silver zerg player

wings of liberty: Stargate.992

hots: stargate.992
I'm from Minnesota also, but I'm only Gold (I just got this new account--my brother has an account also).
My # thing is 333
I am down for some practice partners. I am currently off-racing in HOTS switching between Z & P. I would love some help from other Minnesota players!
hey guys. im in st cloud mn and i just got into starcraft so im a total noob. im looking for people i can play this with or maybe even a clan but most of all im looking for people that can kinda show me the ropes as it were.
oh and my thing is #605

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