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Basically, I don't know when to chrono-boost. Right now I use it for the following:
- Early game, chronoing out probes (Although it delays my gateway)
- Chronoing upgrades (Mainly forge upgrades and warpgate, sometimes zealot legs or blink)
- Sometimes units like colossus

I feel like I should use chrono better, as I also almost never save up. Pretty much it works that if I'm researching something I chrono that, if I'm building colossus I'd chrono that if there are no upgrades, and if nothing is being upgraded or made from high-tier production buildings I just chrono probes.

Pretty bad. Any suggestions?

EDIT: Plat random here.
You are using it fine. When you are attacking, even if not allin, you can chrono your warp gates for faster production.
usually you don't want to chronoboost your gateways or production unless you really need to get out defenses out fast. Until you have full saturation the main focus of chronoboost can stay on probes, and chronoboosting upgrades is definately good too. Your use of chrono is great, you never should have a bunch of it saved up (i'm sure you can relate to that xzar).
That's actually perfect usage of Chrono Boost.

Early Game, unless you are partially psychic and know you're being cheesed, you should always Chrono Boost Probes and on rare occasions, your Gateways for aggressive openings.

Once you start getting Upgrades, prioritize them over economy. Upgrades benefit a whole entire army more than one more worker. They open up timing windows for one-sided battles in your favor.

Lastly, Chrono high-tech units like Colossi, Carriers, Motherships, Immortals, and Void Rays in the case that you are building them.
Dissenting opinion here.

At 45 seconds, Chronoboost becomes available. Start using Chronoboost for Probes. One Chronoboost can get you a pair of Probes or a fraction of any other unit. Get structures started and Chronoboost your army. Getting a large army is more important than anything else, and Protoss units take too long to come into play. Think of the Chronoboost as a Supply Cost for every unit.

Get all of your Nexi on the same HotKey so you can pool your Chronoboost energy and it is almost always available. Chronoboost more Probes while you are "Maynarding" your next base, while you are waiting for the next Nexus to come into play.

If you are about to attack, you can can <backspace> to see how your Upgrades are progressing, and Chronoboost them. Once you hear that your Upgrade is completed, strike.

If you have the resources but very few Warpgates and you are warping in at a Proxy Pylon, you will want to Chronoboost your Warpgates. This happens a lot in the early game, when your timing attack requires you to attack (for example, before your opponent gets an Infestation Pit, Ghost Academy, or Robotics Bay) and you do not yet have as many Warpgates as you will need for the mid-game.

Several players swear that you need to save your first 3 Chronoboosts for Warpgate Research. I am not yet convinced as, if you do not have a Proxy Pylon or Warp Prism in place, Warpgates are merely defensive. If you are familiar with a map, it IS possible to get early Warpgate research and a Warp Prism and get great early harassing.
Seems like to me you're using it fine.

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