3D Vision causing crashes

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I just recently got a 3D Vision setup that works flawlessly with every game I've played, including WoW. I think it looks absolutely fantastic in SC2, however every single time I try to play Versus mode against the computer, within about 5-8 minutes of play, the game crashes and I get error "F48DD654-D2EE-4786-93D0-69D2D6161C41". If I disable Stereoscopic mode, it works fine.

For reference, I have a GTX 690 GPU with 310.90 drivers. I also tried the latest Beta 319.96 drivers but that didn't help the problem. My CPU is an i7 3930K with 32GB of Ram.

The majority of play is in VS mode, so this is very disappointing to me. Any help would be most appreciated!

Offering $1.50 cash to anyone with an adequate response that leads but is not limited to the resolution of this issue.
Ok...$2.50... but that's my final offer!
After trying all the suggestions in this thread, I finally found success with setting the CPU's affinity to 1 or 2 procs. Thank you all for your assistance in this matter.

Thanks for your due-diligence Forza. On behalf of all of us here, we appreciate what you have done.
Don't mention it. Happy to help.

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