How do you all Micro so well?

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Yes, I realize I'm in bronze so none of you need to state the obvious, thanks. Anyway, for all of you that Micro so WELL did it come by playing over and over again? When I micro I try to make my whole army the #1, stalkers #2, Sentries #4, Colossus #5, and zealots #3 (other units are binded later). Also, my main base is #0, second base is #9, and third base is #8, etc (this is for Macro).

Does anyone else do the same thing that I do? Is this standard play? I often get confused when my units are fighting against the enemy's army. Am I doing it right and I'll just get better in time or is this just dead wrong?
I hotkey my whole army to 1 except for HT and blink stalkers.

So essentially, I have Zealot/Archon/sentry/Stalker/colossus on #1, then I label HT on #2 (or Phoenixes in PvP), Blink Stalkers on #3 and #9 rebound to Q is left for Observers, Warp-prism, MS Core (in HOTS).

The rest is getting comfortable with your set up and getting used to controlling 3 different main control groups through practice. There is no easy answer; you have to spend time practicing how to blink micro, sentry micro, HT micro, Zealot micro, colossus micro (in terms of repositioning), and then combine all of that in battles sequentially or as required by the situation.

Again, it is all practice practice practice.
APM, and practice like others have stated. If you can macro behind lots of micro pressure you are coming out ahead anyway. Pretty much you just begin learning what amount of units can take something, and pulling weak units away and tricking your opponent into commit to hard.
pushing alt shows unit health, dont know if that helps..
02/02/2013 10:08 PMPosted by ShmukLuck
pushing alt shows unit health, dont know if that helps..

You STILL haven't started using display all healthbars as a default option? You really should. Pressing alt mid-battle is not really intuitive and it actually makes it a lot harder than it needs to be to rotate between hotkey groups when microing.

Just set Display All unit HP bars in the Options menu and if you haven't enabled always show flyer helper, you better start now...
1:all army
3-4:whatever else I think might need heavy micro

generally I just hotkey casters separate. The rest of the army I have to control individually anyway whether it is blinking or pulling back colossus. Even as terran you can have most things as 1 group for whole army but you have to split your vikings and ghost since you will give them a certain job to do alone. Most splitting/blinking/pulling back should be done by selecting the certain units you want.
I watched every single Slayers Boxer video available on youtube back in the Brood War days. After that, I knew what to do. I just needed to practise doing it.
I have all nexus on 4, army on 1, production on 5. 2-3 is only used sometimes (templars, warp prism, ext). just 1 a-move your army and focus on macro for now. Or you could four gate every game to practice your micro.
I got my micro good by cheesing a lot and figuiring out how to keep units alive. (immortal sentry all-in mostly)

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