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Looking to organize a community of Springfield MO starcraft 2 gamers. Practice, tournaments, barcraft, etc. Like the facebook page, gather gamertags, meet new local gamers. Don't be discouraged by low numbers, just started, were trying to find out if anyone plays in Springfield.

We have a group of about 10-15 (we mostly work together) who get together and play starcraft regularly. I just set up a Springfield, MO group so I recommend joining that if you are interested so we can see when others are online. We are also considering organizing a Tournament.
Apparently, tournaments are a bit of a pain to set up, as you're not allowed to charge an entry fee, and are forced to rely on sponsors and advertisers, and I think there is a cap on how much you're able to receive from them.

If you fill this form out, you can see the terms.
I live in Kansas City. Trying to find a scene here, to no avail.
I live in St. Louis but would be willing to commute if you have a group. Ill join on FB ;)
I also live in saint louis! Add me in game! smeyer#822.
I'm in KC, MO as well, but I will tell you I'm in FEVER Clan, not a local one but I can tell ya, I might be interested in doing some barcrafts sometime. Gotta find a free time to do it though with wife, kids job, I can only spare some gaming time (circa 10 hrs/wk):)


02/23/2013 12:15 AMPosted by MrKilo
I live in Kansas City. Trying to find a scene here, to no avail.
I'd be interested in joining a Springfield league. I liked the Fb page.
I live in Springfield and would play in any tournaments in the area.

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