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Howdy, Starcraft peoples! I'm looking for a friend (or multiple) since I'm getting back into rts gaming now that I'm pretty much done with MMO's. I've been on/off a good bit with this game, but now I'm pretty set on sticking with it now. I need some practice partners/people to hang or chat with, etc.

I'm a pretty laid back guy and I'm not super serious or competitive. I'm a gold league player with all three races (or about that level), so if you just want to have fun doing some practice games, chatting, team games, etc., let me know. :)

My main interest is fun, so if you're gonna be a meanie pants, don't bother. Look forward to meeting you guys. :D
Drop buy some of the forum chat channels in game.

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GulDhor Bacon

There's almost always someone in any of those channels.
come drop by gulDhor Bacon
Ok sounds good. :D Thanks, guys.

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