One of the Greediest Terran build to get away

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I kinda did that by accident once, cause my mouse broke after I went cc first, and once I got a new one I had too much money so I had to just make more expos lol. I will watch it later though, it sounds super interesting and frustrating to lose to haha
Well that was ridiculous. I think next time someone asks what makes a player a masters player I'm going to link this video and say if you can't think of this type of build on the fly you're not masters. What I found particularly interesting was even though at 10 minutes you were only about 80 supply, you would still have been maxed out just before 14 minutes if there wasn't that one engagement.
wow that was awesome. i have no idea why the toss didn't pressure he scouted the cc first, it wouldnt have slowed his build done much to get out a few units coulda killed lots of scvs with a couple zealots. cool game though

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