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I have a southeast asia (SEA) version of starcraft 2, therefore I could play on both SEA server and US server until today this error message showed up when I was using US server. "there was a problem downloading this content. please try again later" everything is running fine on the SEA server, by the way I'm loging on in China, and previously it all works for me, anyone got any ideas?
Hey mate, I was having the same issue but I have fixed it now. What you have to do is change ur DNS to google's free DNS. To change your DNS just open Network and Sharing Center and on the left should be Change adapter settings, click it. Right click the connection you are using and go to properties, once in the properties page you can scroll down and see you IPv4 and IPv6, double click one of them and change it to google's DNS and do the same for the other. I did this and everything worked perfectly afterwards.

Here is a page with the fix, its about half way down.

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