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Its been a year since i have been able to play. Now i am going to buy a new mac and was wandering if the Nivida Gtforce 640 516 mb graphic card is compatible please let me know how it runs for this gamPr
It will be able to play StarCraft II for sure. I'm not sure about performance wise since I do not have one in the office :(

Maybe someone else has one and will be willing to post their experience with it.
Ok bought new Mac and some questions about transfering over to the new mac plus seems that i lost the code from the purchase how to regain it back.
If you already added the game to your account, you won't need to enter it again. You can download the installer from and when it prompts for a key, just select the option "I've already activated it".
thats the problem its not downloading the game on the Adminsitator on my new mac
I bought the game Digital copy i entered the key when i got the game when it came out.
right now i am trying to download the game. With no success.
Plus on top of that i looked into my email account just to see if i can find my code from 2 years ago and its not there
i submited my claim but no answer yet.
What is the error you get? You shouldn't need to enter a new key, as it is tied to your account.
I know but there is nothing happening
interesting though that im trying to download but nothing is moving from the progress bar
How to get the activation key back if there is anyway just incase i need to enter it again.
Should i put in the purchace number exct
You will get an error when you try to reuse the key, since it is already on your account.

If it isn't erroring out, it may be just a slow connection. I would let it continue.

Alternatively, you can just transfer over StarCraft II from your old Mac if you still have it.
at first thats what u did with migrate assistant everything went smoothly than an error saying cant play while using starter set. but i know i have purchased the acutal copy and still cant play.
I noticed that there is problems connecting from Japan to Usa does it have ot do with anything
ok i got through the migrated version heres the erro that i am getting unable to download authentication module.

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