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VanSC has closed it's doors.

Thanks for all the good times.
I'm looking to put together a clan war sometimes this upcoming week for solid Platinum. If you are interested, please reply here or add me in game.


Time to give this the old HotS bump!

Come join VanSC today and get in on the ground floor when HotS kicks off!
an extremely easy application process and a great place to grow and improve as a player. we have something to offer for those who want to get on and have fun or progressively improve through the higher ranks
I have enjoyed my time a lot with VanSC. I'm not from Vancouver, but as someone in the PST, this clan fits perfectly with my playing schedule. Everyone has been super helpful with practice time, and we have a pretty decent race distribution: meaning if I come on during a peak time I can usually find a few practice partners and get a King of the Hill going. Since the commitment isn't super huge in order to get involved (we had someone fill out an application after winning a clan tournament), I recommend everyone stop by and check us out.

Come play with us!
I'm just a silver player, quite interested
Are you guys still accepting?
hey Ichose, yes we are still accepting. hop in the VanSC group chat and hang out: the group chat is open for anyone who wants to get to know us better (also, sign up on the clan forums!)
Bronze to GM are all welcome here iChose!

If you want to play casual you can, if you're a highly skilled playing wanting to join our team league that's cool too!
As long as you love sc2 your more then welcome.
I'm a masters protoss, switching to zerg, interested in joining your clan, any way to contact you in game?
YuiForce, there is indeed! Join in-game Group VanSC! There are always a lot of us in that channel, including admins/staff. Additionally, you can contact us at www.vansc.ca

Look forward to meeting you!
Sorry! I'm not lookign fora clan anymore. Good luck recruiting though!
Not a problem Yui!

Come check out the VanSC group if your bored and looking for a place to hangout one day :)

No need to join or sign up :)
They see me bumpin, they 4gatein!
I'm in masters , i'm down to join if that's okay hmu
i would like to join please message me
sorry for the in response easter is allways pretty messy for me...
im unable to find your character code, if your still interested mine is 445
and i would like to refer you to our website vansc.ca
Yes Easter was messy.

I ended up being sick for the entire holiday :(

Adared, check out the website (www.vansc.ca) and join the VanSC Group by searching for VanSC in the group finder tool!

If you like us, then you can sign up on the website!

Please do come check us out!

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