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Does it matter what league im in? Bronze player who used to play often back in WoL, have completely lost my skill in the game and basically relearning it all. Should i visit the webpage for more information?
its more about attitude then league, if you generally want to improve and commit some time we would be a great clan to give you some help:D
Im a high platinum random 4v4 player and im looking for somewhere to call home. Ive always played sc by my self and have grown lonely :(

Any room available for me?
Nope Sorry JDH!

We're all full up.


Naaaaaaa I kid!
Come on down man! come hang out in the VanSC group by searching for VanSC using the group finder tool!

If you like the crowd and think you'd like to join the full on team, check out the website @ www.vansc.ca!
would love to have you with some of our foursomes..
Signed up. :D
Would like to join message please.

*edit* Will post to join on the forums. Thank you.
Lovely to see so many new faces making there way to our forums :D
i will see you in game
Hello all, I was referred here by Maddocks. I'd be interested in joining ya !
sorry about the delay murder !
our application form is here http://vansc.ca/
great thanks, my app is up check it out !
CAn you guys add me to the ingame clan?. Im getting lonely whenever im on NA and i want to talk ^^

(Im not a member of VanSC and prolly will not ever be but it still would be nice if youd accept me to the ingame clan just for some speaking :P)

Also: Revenge for OMGL Pre-Season will come. Believe me ;)
Hey Luolis!

Just join the VanSC Group!

That's the perfect solution for you!
there always lots of people in the channel (commonly more then the clan chat!)

Please search for VanSC in the group finder tool, and join "VanSC Group"

Unfortunately we will be unable to add you to the clan unless you really want to be an active member of the team :(

Blizzard has restricted us too 100 members and we're nearing that number :(
b to the ump
been a while since i checked this so hi!
Some spots are left still!

Come join us and grab one of the final few!
Back to the front!!
Hey AlucarD, I'm a huge fan and working very hard to become the best I can be. I dont have many friends to practive with and looking for a solid group to play and mainly have fun. Would you be willing to accept a fairly "newbie" player who can learn quickly? Thank you!!!
Hey Bloots!

A lot of our guys have started in the lower leagues and worked their way up!

I'm sure you'll find a ton of help in the channel and on our forum!
Lots of players will answer any questions you might have in an environment that's less toxic and elitist then other forums!

Join the VanSC Group in b.net and hang out there for a bit!
If you like the guys, feel free to sign up on the forums and join the team!

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