Screen frozen but game still going on...

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I am sorry if this has been covered, but I can't find anything on it.

I just got out of a game (long-ish game, on a comeback, winning etc blah blah) where the screen completely froze. All game sounds kept going on in the background and I could and did pause. Could not see chat but could type and hear the other guy send a response. waited for a couple of minutes for it to resolve itself which it did not, so I surrendered. I could hear the game go back to and the score screen but it was still stuck on the game screen where it froze. Had to exit out of sc totally to get it to go away.

wtf is this? I have had it happen 3-4 times now, its totally random. Computer is fine otherwise, can alt-tab out, winamp works, firefox works etc.
i5 2500k
8gig ram gtx 560ti

computer is not cutting edge but sure as hell isn't stressed out to be causing freezes and such.

Again, sorry if this has been covered.
Put this in technical support.
There are people there to help you that don't browse general discussion for things like this.
oh, lol I didn't even see the tech support forum haha. Thanks, posted there.

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