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The new User Interface has some new features. What are they? When you hover your cursor over a Nexus/Hatchery/CC, you can see the number of drones working with that base. When a unit dies, its carcass can shoot away and off a cliff. I like how the little white range finder triangles that encircle units like tanks are now included with new units like the Tempest (but not the Carrier with its new movement adjustment?). What else is new in HotS?

Anyways, what are you looking forward to seeing?

What have you NOT seen, but that you want to see in HotS?

I'd like to see changes to the minimap.

Namely, the big squares are bases, but I'd like to see them turned 90 degrees so they resemble diamonds. That should make Zerg HotKey Injects easier for newbies.

Also on the minimap have Hero units appear differently, as unique icons, like when Kerrigan marched in the last WoL Campaign mission. That would help to find Mothership Cores and Motherships, and any Heroes in HotS.

I'd like to see units on the minimap represented differently if they are cloaked or burrowed. Burrowed units can be easier to misplace on dark Creep than on a desert floor. Maybe the unit's tiny square on the minimap could spin?

Recall the popup that hovers over bases? It lists the number of Workers assigned to that base. Does it also list the number of unused Larvae adjacent to a Hatchery? Larvae often climb over each other so you have to click on that Hatchery to get you Larvae Count. Keeping this Larva Count high could be benefited by this number also being on the popup.

I'd like to see the popup that appears over bases have a little interactivity, namely, a button to make more workers. Not the whole command card, just a button for workers. Then you could <backspace> <left-click>, just as an additional effortless and thoughtless way to train workers. That would also be nice for newbies, too.

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