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What's the logic by having interceptors = threat as the carriers that launch them/the voids attacking? No pathing issue like there is with broodlings. Can't think of a situation ever where it'd be beneficial to attack them over other units.
It was beneficial in BW because barriers were microed over ledges and high ground against goliaths, the goliaths couldn't always reach the carriers. This created some very interesting micro.

Now its just vikings vs carriers. Thats why it seems pointless.
That's the point... you can right click on the carriers you know
Some units can be better off attacking the interceptors first (marines, for example, especially if there is intervening terrain or forcefields below the carriers themselves.)
It really depends on what kind of army the carriers are fighting. If you're fighting stalkers, hydras, vikings, corruptors, etc. (and your opponent is too dumb to right click the carriers) it is a blessing. If you're fighting marines it is a curse.
Given that carriers are actually semi-viable against zerg and protoss (could use some minor buffs) and garbage against terran because of marines, I think dropping the threat or at least making it lower than the carrier could work.

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