Can i add a friend from a different country?

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Can i add a friend from another counter on my friendlist i am trying to add him now and its not working. He is also trying to add me. I am from USA and hes from Germany.
You can only add friends of people in your region (region meaning where the game is connected to the server). Officially, global play is going to be released "soon" (around HotS release?). Unofficially, apparently a lot of people are able to get global play working either by:

Downloading a different client (say, the Eu client, which coincidentally is most likely where your friend is)

Or downloading the TL relocalizer, which is in this thread.
Blizzard already explained what people are experiencing is a side affect of the team working on implementing global play. For instance, you won't have to download any clients for Global Play much like D3. But yeah, you will have a separate account for each region so friends in that region will only appear on your profile for that particular region.

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