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This is my Story Corner. Pretty obvious what this is, post short stories or even your long ones here. This can be a place where people can read your talents, release sneak peaks for upcoming chapters, mingle. Or just post some hilarious bullsh!t.

Come down, drink some tea and post a story!
A good reason why I made this is because I can't keep up with a full-on story so, why not just make a bunch of little one's I come up with? The first will be coming out soon.
The Day That Nobody Died
(Non-SC story)

April 15, 2102
The day that no one died.

This day wasn't just the day no one died, it was the day that everyone lived.
Every blind man saw again.
Every cancer patient no longer was in pain.
Every sick child was live and well again.
And every person in a coma, woke up.

Some say this day was a godsend, others say it was a coincidence. The few, say it was a curse. And those few were right. The day became a reoccuring occurence, and humans looked forward to the day, and even became wreckless the day before, knowing they'd be well the next day.
Then humans took it a step further.

The "Day of Life" as it was called, was the day humans decided that the dead would no longer exist anymore. And they tried bringing them back to life with millions of artificial cells called "Nano-Mites".

These nanomites worked at first, but the people who were dead and came back, only fealt the pain that caused them death. And their minds fought against the litte fake cells, and caused them to become corrupt and mindless. They became "Smart Zombies". They hated humans for bringing them back, and decided that they should feel their pain. The nanomites reproduced quickly, and they could go into other people through spit, blood, or in some cases contact.

Few people survived this outbreak, and the Husks that were once their loved ones or ancestors, took over the worlds of humanity, and the survivors created extemination groups (That normally failed) or hid away, and survived as best they could in this new hell.

The "Day of Life" turned into "The Day of Reckoning" and was the greatest curse in human history...
Normally each story gets it's own thread, but I like the idea of 1-post short stories all in one thread.

I may write one up soon, as I'm feeling creative.
At first I thought this was "Kenshi's Story Corner." I was so confused xD

I have four stories underway. I might post teasers and have you guys vote which one you want me to expand on.
I am old now, and my life is almost spent. But you, you are young, and have many years remaining. Therefore hearken unto my words, understand my knowledge, that you might have the greater wisdom in your years, and the lesser sorrow.

-Myriad 4:3-4, Scriptures of Yeh.

It was a pity.

There were many things that the Warrior did not understand. He knew this. It had not been his duty to understand them. He had no need of such knowledge. Now he wished he knew more about this creature.

His ship had crashed here only yesterday, and the human creature's ship fell from orbit as well. A coincidental warp, a one in a trillion accident that destroyed both craft, both human colony ship and Imperial destroyer, merely because they had chosen the same destination at the same time. Bad luck, or some strange manifestation of Yeh's wrath? Who could tell.

Unfortunately, the Warrior had survived. This left him with the painful responsibility of caring for the bodies of the dead and protecting the living. Innocents. Civilians. So helpless, but of what worth was a code of honor to the strong if there were none weak? His code set him apart. He could abandon it, of course. Nobody would ever know. But then he would have no honor, and one day Yeh would judge him and his evil would come to light.

But that of all people aboard the two craft he and this pathetic creature should survive, was truly a pity.

Any other two might have worked together to survive, but the Warrior did not know what this human creature's needs were. That it was young, possibly larval, was obvious. He knew little of humans (foolishly), but he had seen them and even fought alongside them, and the adults did not look like this.

Last night he had tried to comfort the creature, but he had little knowledge of such things. His efforts were in vain. Eventually the human creature cried itself to sleep, contining to whimper softly through the night. Such weakness would have appalled the Warrior in any other circumstance, but somehow he understood it. Knowing that his captain, his comrades, everyone he knew and loved, were all dead and gone and that he had no hope for survival...

Had he been able, he would have wept as well. But he was a Warrior. Others wept; he took action.

He checked the power cell in his weapon, the only tie that remained to his beloved Imperium. It was fully charged.

The cell's base was of Melkorinthian make, with an Imperial reassimilator and subprocessor. Even the Emperor himself had no finer. He could fire his weapon ten minutes straight in a battle before the cell ran dry. He would need to do no such thing here, and he had ten more cells in his belt, a century's supply.

He surveyed the area. There were trees. There was grass. Most of it was destroyed, more life-forms fallen victim to the crash. But its presence indicated life.

And food.

Where there were animals, the Warrior could get food. His youth on a Kaenr reserve had taught him much. He raised his antennae, testing the air. The smell of some creature touched at his senses.

Animals. Food.

And what was better was that the animals here would likely have no fear of intelligent life, and would approach him curiously. Already the bird-like creatures had begun to gather around him. One even had the audacity to land on his shoulder. He looked at his wrist. His computer was dead. He could not ask it if the birds were good to eat. The bird, startled by the movement, flew away, towards clump of bushes...

And vanished.

Some large creature's jaws snapped shut around the bird. Reflexively the Warrior fired three shots into the brush. A yelp and a crash sounded from within. He drew his sabre and moved cautiously forward. The creature's body was unmoving. He ran it through with his blade.\

No movement. It was dead.

He cleaned it as best he could. The internal organs were arranger familiarly, and he had little trouble. Lifting the beast effortlessly, he carried it back to the shelter he had made from wreckage. He started a fire with the help of one of his power cells, and cooked the meat.

Then there was another problem. The human creature would not eat the meat. It was as he feared. It was a larva indeed, and required simpler food.

So he had to try in vain to calm the child for another day, until it wept away its wakefulness once more. Then he fed himself, for a weakened protector is none at all.

What to do?

This was truly a pity.

He would have to find something the human creature could eat. He would search the wreckage.

He spent the first day searching in vain. The human creature was growing thin.

By the fifth day, the human creature did not cry any more. It had consumed a little water, but was dying. Obviously dying. The Warrior had eaten nothing.

Finally, he found something. A biomass shifter. The humans used such things in their colony ships. It could create simulations of food using stored biomass.

But it required energy to function. There was no energy. Someone who knew something of engineering could have set it up to accept weapon power cells, but the Warrior did not have this knowledge. He cursed his ignorance.

Then he found it. A backup generator. Manual. He plugged it in to the shifter and began turning it, squeezing droplets of energy into the food-machine. He did so for an hour, then ppowered the device up. It asked him what he wanted. He asked for something that a huan larva would eat. It gave him some sort of paste. This food was nothing he would consume, but the human creature...

It ate the paste hungrily, and cried for more. He had no more, so it went to sleep.

He returned to the machine. He turned the generator's lever. He turned it for an hour, and then for the full morning, and into the afternoon. He remembered his life. He wished he had more knowledge, that he could save the human creature. When midnight came, and he was still turning the lever, he collapsed. When he was able to rise, he made the machine produce as much of the strange food-paste as it could. He staggered to the shelter with the food on his back, and sat.

He let the human creature eat as much as it could, then drifted away into sleep.

When the rescue ship arrive three days later, they found that there were no survivors of the crash. One, however, spotted a small object in the vicinity that looked like a shelter erected by survivors. He assumed the inhabitants must be dead, or they would have rushed out to greet their rescuers. Still, he had a code of honor. If there was a chance someone lived, he would never stop searching.

He dismounted from his flitter and entered the structure. Inside, there was a Yeh-Ket's body, clutching a starving human child in its death-grip.

And the searcher, brother of the Warrior, recorded this that you, my children, might learn the value of knowledge - and the honor of the pure.
At first I thought this was "Kenshi's Story Corner." I was so confused xD

Just pronounce my name as it sounds and it'll come out right :D
Hmm. I wonder if Zarkun would send a shipment of Pizzas and pies this way for the grand opening.

*scratches head and chin and nods*
"How many?"
"Enough to satisfy a pack of Ultralisks."
"You better have a lot of money, or one hell of a trade."
"The good read above wasn't enough? Nah, nah. I got some of both. I managed to capture a Nokar Blood Guard and tame it. These demons make Ghosts look like idiots." I say pointing at a video screen showing a demonic serpent creature in a cell.
"Cool, cool." I send the call to the pizzeria and sit down. "Didn't read it by the way. Relaxing my brain."
"Ah, fun. Well The Blood Guard is on its way. Some say that this one was one of Vorcha's own escorts during a war."
"That'll be interesting. Order is on it's way, plus a little extra."
"Much appreciated. The cage it's coming in is made of a material that can be melted down and sold for quite the pretty penny."
"I'll keep that in mind."
*reserved for future use-too tired to think right now*
The Beginning

The Brood War. The time where the Terran Dominion suffered the most. Their military crippled, and people weak, morale dangerously low. Mengsk had just ordered the movement of the Ghost Program to Tarsonis, but that was not the only thing of interest to Mengsk on that planet.

He had started a new project, Project: Archon. The project was a super-soldier program, hoping to train, and create soldiers that could wipe out an Ultralisk as if it were a Zergling. The outcome was 194 casaulties (about a 3rd from containment breaches and a very small amount from "getting rid" of anyone linked to possible leaking info, and the rest failed test subjects) and one Super Soldier. Kenji "Korozain" Omagi. This man was once a ghost, a fairly powerful one and enough to have survive the trials and experimental testings of the Project: Archon. The Project was closed shortly after Project: Shadowblade and he was sent to New Folsom until further notice, and he was "not mentally fit for duty" for reasons consisting of:
Constant Rage
"Loyalty Issues"
Mental Instability
Needs time for all artificial elements to settle.
He was kept in a cell on an artificial island in the middle of a sea of volcanic rock, and only accessible by large ships, the only ones capable of holding enough fuel to get there. There were heavy guards, and his cell was a 3 part chamber, the cell, and inner cell (The "Coffin") and a psionic shield.

Korozain, as he had called himself, had a psi index of 7, quite high for a human. After his 3 years in the Project, he had reached 8.5. He only has a limited amount of telepathic power, but his telekinetic powers were vastly increased along with his strength, intelligence, agility and many other attributes. He was released to fight in the 2nd Great War to help combat Raynor's Raiders, but he immediately broke out, killing 22 staff, and 87 guards. He was not seen again after that.

This is just an intro, barely scratching the surface of his story, take note of that. Feel free to criticize ask questions.
This never died. I put it into hibernation after I took a break from JoeRay's. part 2 will besotted shortly.


I have officially awakened. (I'm back)

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