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I have a mac and yes I know about the mac problem but since the new patch that was supposed to fix it I have been a bit worried. Whenever I try to get into starcraft it says internals error. I then have to put in the disc press install it will say I already installed it then play. This has never happened before and it is a problem on both Wings of Liberty and the HotS beta. It is very annoying since I don't have a disc for HotS I have to reinstall the game if I want to play and advice on this issue or how to fix it would be very nice for I would like to play the HotS beta. The problem has persisted a few months too maybe since September. I have also reinstalled both of the things countless times.
Can you type this in Terminal (/Applications/Utilities) and paste the results?

1. Cope/Paste the following command:
ls /Applications/StarCraft\ II > ~/Desktop/sc2.txt2. Open the file on the desktop is creates (sc2.txt).
I am having the same issue. I did that command and here is what the file it created said:
StarCraft II Cache.mfil
StarCraft II
StarCraft II Public
StarCraft II.mfil
StarCraft II.tfil
You're missing Starcraft

Is this on your desktop, or do you have any idea where it may be? This is why you're getting the internal error.
im missing starcraft and can find i anywhere, downloaded boh online and disc a couple times and problem is persisting and i have no idea where that file went
When you redownload it, does the launcher come up? If it does, try repairing your game to see if it helps.
he launcher comes up but i still get same internal error prompt, and it wont let me click repair tool, i just wanna play lol stupid mac
it works after i first download it but if i log out and try to get back in i get internal error
Was this ever resolved? I just downloaded the game yesterday, and I'm experiencing the same problem. I am running this on a Macbook Air. I just want to play! :-(

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