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I am pretty solid against protoss, but I never can get a good thing going against terrain. Every terrain plays so defensive that I can never break through. Any tips?
if they play defensive you can just macro like crazy, take the whole map and kill them with broodlords. or muta/ling/bling for fun.
A defensive Terran? My fellow Zerg, that is pretty much inviting you to get up to a sick drone count, get sick fast upgrades, cover the map in creep, and go for those Broodlords!

A turtling Terran is a losing Terran in my eyes.

It's those Terran players that have the high apm, and the constant multipronged drop harass that really flusters me.
Every terrain plays so defensive that I can never break through. Any tips?

You have to wait until Brood Lords.
I hate the terrain too. Those hills are a pain, and the valleys just give you no vision. Ah, I kid, I kid. ZvT is about who can out Zerg one another. If the person is being particularly passive, lots of siege tanks along their main and natural, you just take the rest of the map. Get out 80 drones as fast as you can and take 5 bases worth of gasses. Just push straight for brood lords. But the key here is you have to make sure they're not trying to push out.

The best way to tell is to see how many turrets they build. Turrets are really expensive and someone would only build more than 2 defensively (reactively you build as many as you need to defend against mutas or whatever) if they don't want to push out. Those could be marines, more barracks, are even an earlier base. Broodlords outrange everything but Vikings.

It takes a lot of practice as Zerg to get good at this and to know when to be ultra greedy and when to build units.

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