Heart of the Swarm launch event. Melbourne!

Hi all, if you haven't seen the new Heart of the Swarm launch page, we have announced we are holding a Blizzard event in Melbourne, Australia on the 11th of March in Federation Square - we hope to see you all there!
monday night...
:( why monday, why not a friday or a saturday :( DAM SCHOOL!
I will be there :)
We have now released more details for our Melbourne Launch event here
Including the one and only Dustin Browder in attendance. Hope to see some of you there!
If I attend the launch event, I'll be unable to actually play until I get home, and I live in Melbourne...

But that's a tough one.
If I attend the launch event, I'll be unable to actually play until I get home, and I live in Melbourne...But that's a tough one.

It's in your local town and Dustin’s first time in Australia so we want to have as many people there to show him how awesome this community is!

Plus Prizes
Dev Q&A
Dev Panel
Cos Play

It will be great!
Hopefully Dustin & Luke will be in town to join us at BarCraft Melbourne XI (Saturday before HotS launch). It's going to be a huge night!

BarCraft Melbourne XI - Saturday March 9th from 7pm AEDT: http://siliconsports.net/2013/02/barcraft-is-on-again/
What time will the game be PLAYABLE for people in Australia? If I have already paid for it online, what time does it actually digitally unlock?

I'll be forced to complain bitterly on twitter and shame the crap out of Blizzard if they host a launch HoTS event in Melbourne, people go home and literally can't play their game.
We are announcing server unlocks later this week. But I can say that people coming to the Melbourne launch event will definitely be able to play the game once they get home.
In other news, for those who can't make it down to Melbourne, EB games has announced their other midnight launch events...

(too bad I preordered from JB hi-fi and have uni the next day at 8.)

Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/378965668877736/?context=create
Arcagnion, can you confirm when the pre-load of all the data occurs? or is all of it in that 5gb directory?
Not 100% sure on the streaming side but I belive the pre-load is already in progress so should be in the game directory by launch. But I could be wrong :)
Does anyone know what the wristbands are for?
The blizzard page tells us to make sure we turn up at 7pm and get a wristband (even if we've already bought a digital copy of the game)...

...but the Fed-Square site just says that the event is free and starts at 8pm.

Does it matter if I turn up late without a wrist-band? Is it just for prize giveaways, etc?
just spent 20 minutes resetting my password because blizz security wants a new password every time i log in over 3G...

i also would like to know what ActionMan has asked. are they just to reserve your physical preorder?

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