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About me:

My name is Wes,

I'm from North Carolina and I've been in the United States Marines for almost 5 years, served two deployments, one of them being in combat. But more importantly, what I truly have to emphasize is the endless love I have for this game and this community. The fan base for this game is boundless, and the community is, for the most part, some of the most helpful and polite people you will find in online gaming.

But what does that have anything to do with what I am about to offer those possibly interested in participating in the newly formed -DBS- Clan? I have much experience in the logistical needs for a clan, and not just a hollow team but a thriving active one. My leadership styles are fair and unbiased, and I believe in a team run by the many with the best decisions for the community as a whole.

About Death by Steel:

So, what does -DBS- have to offer for you? Directly after viewing our site and roster one might believe that our numbers are currently low, and you would be exactly right in thinking so. However bare in mind that we were only formed a week ago, and at this point our activity and application rate is really booming.

Very soon, after we have a strong enough foundation in active members (I presume to be only one or two more weeks) we will begin practice sessions at least three times a week. We will enroll in community tournaments and have mass coaching sessions as well. I will grant power to many in the decision making of our community but only after having proven that the one in question has shown much responsibility. Right now, if you want to see yourself as a founding member and even possibly an admin/representative of our great family, your time to invest in us could not be better. Our numbers are low and the need for active leaders is great, but it is something that will not last much longer and of that I am certain

Death by Steel is going to be a thriving SC2 community and we will support mature, responsible, competitive and even casual players. Those who cannot offer or support the same will not be welcome. I assure you with us you will not be afraid to enter our forums and voice program to be pummeled by spam. By the end of the day after speaking with me and some of our members you will be comfortable in knowing you have found the right team.

-DBS- Requirements:

Finally, let me take the time to focus on the few requirements we have for Death by Steel, along with a simplified explanation.

-Members must be 18 or older to apply

This being because though I am not against younger gamers, it has been easier dealing with a community of ones who are atleast 18 or older. This has no exceptions, I apologize if you can't meet it because it is something one just cannot control, but even still do not request a pass on this.

-Members will have Teamspeak 3

This allows our coaches and members to have the best communication during practice and tournament sessions. You are not required to have a microphone but having one would make your responses all the easier.

-Members will respect other members and especially guest

I will not tolerate a member bringing the name of our family down by spamming forums, players, etc. Members are more than encouraged to joke with others (because I sure as hell plan on it), but only if it doesn't offend whomever it is directed against.

Contact Information:

That about sums up this recruitment post. Please at any time you have any questions or concerns for myself or the -DBS- community then let us know right away.

My Email:

My SC2 Character and Code: LexLuthor, 189

Website: DeathbySteel.Enjin.Com

Thank you very much for your time, and we hope to see you very soon.

- Wes
DBS Founder

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