Clan DarkOnyx LF Clan War! WoL & HoTS!

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In the spirit of competition I am extending an open invite to any clan who would like to have a friendly battle. It can be any leagues and any type. Would like to have a HOTS clan war but we will continue to battle in WoL if that works better for your clan. If your clan is yearning for competition then message me below, email or leaders add me on skype Knight_Reyder.

Hope to join your clan on the field of battle soon.

For more info about us you can check out
OH SNAP!!!!!

Way ahead of you my friend. We already have contact info, But I thought I'd bump too, seeing as how "Twist" showed the same kindness.
still in search of some clan wars!!! =P
I am interested.

1. Organizer: Adonis.181
2. Clan/Team: Team Evolution
3. Website:
4. Email:
5. Looking for: BSG (1-B, 2-S, 2-G) [5-players, Best of 9]
6. Date Preference: 3/8 or 3/9
7. Time Preference: 6pm-8pm EST

Let me know!

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