Allowing auto-placement in team leagues?

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It's kind of annoying how a majority of the team games I play are placement matches, so often we lose to massively better opponents.

A lot of the time we're different teams, depending on whoever's online, so it's kind of annoying never knowing what league you're in.

Basically, could league rank be based in team games off of one match, and then the rest inferred from player's other leagues? At least for 3v3 and 4v4, since 2v2 matches are more stable.
Just play with a random person in 4v4 and 3v3 and for 2v2 just find a good partner, that's honestly all I can think of because I also hate league placement but they HAVE to find your league from 5 games because someone could have gotten carried so if you got diamond but your team is gold level.. yeah you know

You can use partially arranged teams as a work-around (queue for 4v4s with only two friends, for example, so that your MMRs will be averaged).

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