Is the RTS genre dying?

General Discussion is more in decline than the rts genre is.
you can't deny that more and more companies are turning away from RTS games. Currently the only two titles that can be said to have made a profit are SC2 and CoH, but CoH is slowly turning its back on the base building RTS concept as is. Which will leave C&C and SC2 standing alone as the last remaining RTS genres. I mean seriously other than SC2 and C&C what other RTS titles are still putting out sequels? Or for that matter how many brand new RTS games are expected within the next 3 years aside from those previously mentioned? Compare that to not even 3 years ago. It doesn't bode well for our genre, and sadly I don't see AAA video game producers bothering with RTS titles after SC2 has had its run. Granted we still have at least 3 years worth of expansions (hopefully) to this game, but after that then what? Will there be a SC3? Or for that matter a WC4? Will there even be a market for it anymore?

Looking at the current trend of the video game industry with companies like Valve, Microsoft, and even Google taking thing like virtual reality and augmented reality into further stages of development and eventual consumer markets. I don't see how the RTS genre or even SC2 for that matter is going to hold its own. Take for example the new projection technology being pushed by Microsoft to be featured sometime in the next xbox, or hell take a look at the Oculus Rift even Activison Blizzards very own vice president quit Acti-Bliz for a position on their staff. How will the RTS genre survive with this kind of technology? What place does it have in the virtual and augmented reality worlds? I'm sorry but I just don't see how any title SC2 or other wise is going to survive the new video gamers landscape.
02/02/2013 01:04 AMPosted by Littlepwny
a WC4

No. Blizzard has intentionally destroyed that from ever being possible.
Lol at people saying Turn Based games are dead 1 month after Xcom was nominated for game of the year.
02/01/2013 09:24 PMPosted by Zerglor
If anything its getting more popular

lol, I actually have to agree with that.
xcom is another awsome turn based game btw

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