Humanities Best, The Third

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The tolerance continues to build and I arrive from the investigation, deeply troubled. However, I pay a visit to my wounded Recruits first, starting with Eric. "I see you're keeping busy." The doctor finishes looking over Kit and lays her down, beginning to try and set the ribs.
I lay out on the bed and let the doctor work. I hate doctors but given Roslin hadn't given me much choice I remain as calm as I can and just let the doctor do his/her thing.
I grin;
"Nobody made efficient melee weapons as well as the old Europeans did, that's for sure."
I say showing him my designs for a titanium (or battle steel, etc.) war hammer;
"I think something like this aught to punch a hole in most infantry armor, not to mention what it'll do to whoever's inside..."

Looks something like this:
I nod, chuckling. "Good idea, but you'll be working for a bit to find a metal resistant to the energy claws and swords used by the Magnus. Might be able to melt down some knives."
I nod;
"True... by knives I assume you mean the Juvalian berserker blades?"

No comment on Tycho's breakdown in HB?
I shake my head and stab my knife into a table, drawing my energy blade and swinging. The knife stops it cold. "Our knives."
I grunt and look it over;
"Nice. I take it we don't have any of that material on hand ready for forging?"
I ask, tapping the knife blade.
"Just the blades themselves, and we have enough extras that it should be usable."
"That aught to work... I wonder what the Magnus will think of it..."
I say, still toying with the design in my head.
I slowly wake back up and look around my room in a daze.
"We'll see when you've recovered and made it. Now I'll leave you to rest, I've got a few other Recruits to see." I leave the room and head to Jarlburg, who had just woken up. "Well, I see you're finally able to move without screaming. Horrible stuff, that bone regrow. While it's a miracle, it hurts like a b!tch."
"Aye that it does." My voice was still rather hoarse. "How long before I can start training again?"
"Well, the bone regrow has almost finished it's job, so you'll start rehab with in the week. Then you'll be able to train to your hearts content." I chuckle. "Unfortunately, you'll have to regain your tolerance to pain all over again. The bone regrow resets your nerves."
I let off a small hoarse laugh. "My suit will make sure to reestablish that. I just hope it didn't reset the bio-electrics in my leg."
" a whole nother matter. While it shouldn't have, we'll have the Doctor check it."
"If you give me my a minute I could find out. Then again if I was in my armor my HUD could tell me."
"Unfortunately, your armor received extensive damage from those claws. It was...bad, to say the least."
"By the ancestors.... I can fix it I am sure. I have the spare parts for it on my ship." I sigh a little bit.
"Well...the damage is bad enough the arms came off when they tried to remove it. With a tug."
"Then I will fix it. That is my armor and I can have no other. I do hope you understand."

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