Humanities Best, The Third

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"Right now we're patching the hardware. Seems an alien AI had hacked a way in and tampered with it. Not sure what or how, but we're doing our damnedest to keep from changing anything." I raise a hand to stop an argument. "You're a Gladiator now. As such, regardless of the armor's origin, it's maintained as all the other suits of armor."
"There is a fail safe built into the armors system. If an AI hacks into it the system will purge all it's systems and will reboot from a back up on my ship. Please be careful though the is another fail safe that if activated will cause the armor's power core to self destruct. They did make sure that the armor was powered off before the removed it correct?" I was starting to worry a bit.
"They didn't have to. That kick to your chest damaged it beyond use. As for the AI failsafe, you'd already taken armor damage, meaning the systems were focused on keeping you alive, not keeping protocol. We've replaced the power core, but it's powered down. The arms...well, you'll see for yourself soon enough."
I sigh heavily and look up at the captain. "So I take it the arm units are damaged beyond repair...."
"Our boys haven't given up yet, but I'm the kind of guy to see the damage for what it is and say yes."
I sigh heavily again. "The parts that they need if they cannot find them are on my ship. There should be plenty of replacement parts for the armor."
"Well, let's see what they can do. As for now, I'll let you rest. Your armor will be as repaired as possible by the time you're done recovering."
"Fine, Though I am not sure I will be satisfied about being stuck here."
"You'll be fine." I chuckle as I walk out and head for Stephany's room.
I sigh again and try to shift to a more comfortable position.
As Roslin comes in, he sees me in a relaxed position on my bed.

"Hello." I say blandly, not really any emotion or spirit in my voice.
I shake my head. "Some one seems upset they got hurt."
I shake my head.

"No...not that." I sigh, "It's the fact that Winterfield left us to fend for ourselves, and two !@#$%^- people got killed because of his damn stupidity."
"You have to understand that Rhys hasn't always worked with teams under his command. His prior unit was one Gladiator cells, so lone wolf was common. He's still adjusting. If it makes you feel any better, I can promise things couldn't have gone much better even with a pre determined route. You got attacked by a Juvalin. Infiltration isn't equipped for that kind of confrontation."
"Alright...fair enough. But still....watching two people getting ripped to shreds isn't exactly fun."
"I know that. Trust me, I've seen my fair share of it. How's the shoulder feel?"
"Not too great." I say, looking at it. "Gut's worse though. Hooray for first injury in combat!" I say sarcastically.
Chuckling, I turn to leave. "You'll be fine. Just...don't do anything too stressful until rehab starts."
"Yes sir." I say simply.
Shaking my head, I leave. Not only was it able to hack into our sims, but it could pinpoint the location of all our simulation rooms. Then it allowed pin point warp on top of the location for a surprise attack. So why not attack us? Not like we would have been expecting them.

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