Humanities Best, The Third

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I swear loudly as I couldn't get comfortable and I was begin to get restless. "By my ancestors how long will this take!"
The doctor finishes setting the few broken bones I had been given by the Magnus and leaves. Shortly afterward I leave as well headed for my room. I had agreed to come here but not to stay. I would rest better in my room anyway and I hate having doctors and nurses looking in on me constantly. My injuries still hurt but I could handle it.
A guard stops Kit at the medbay entrance. "Captain's orders. You're to stay in the Medbay." Right then I come around the corner. Spotting Kit, I sigh.

"Medbay SOP is that you stay until discharged."
"I'll rest better in my room, your med bay is too ... sterile for me to be comfortable here and I don't care about your SOP." I turn to look at Roslin. "If it will make you feel better I'll come back every two days for a check up but I won't stay here."
"You will stay. No debates. You're a member of this military, therefore you will follow SOP."
I awake. My vision was somewhat blurry. I try to move my arms but pain rushes through them both. I wasn't going to be moving much anytime soon. I try to move my legs, one responded without pain, the other, well it hurt like hell. I suppressed the pain. After the pain in my arms and legs subsided I felt pain in my chest as I breathed. I realized all the doctors had really down was sew up my wounds. When I was able to move again I was going to kick their @sses.
I glare at Roslin for a moment before I finally relent. "Fine but I want to be left alone by the doctors and nurses as much as possible and sorry if I get a bit snappy while here." I shake my head, mutter something in Elerian and start back to the room I had been assigned earlier.
"Doctors and nurses will check as often as required. And," I watch her reaction, "they'll be giving you medbay food."
I stop and just stand there for a moment. Thankfully I was facing away from Roslin as 'terror' was written all over my face. I take a deep breath and compose myself. "I'd rather eat rashnital but you don't have any so ..." I shake my head and continue on.
I chuckle and keep walking, vanishing into the current of people with my thoughts swirling in my head.
I arrive back at the med room I had been assigned and enter it. I close the door behind me and sit in a corner and try to get into a better state of mind for being trapped here.

OOC: OK SF seriously TIME SKIP NAOW!!!!!!!!!!
Julie fires the Mako again and walks up to the Ogre. It was already dead. It simply had been stuffed and screwed to the floor. "Strange." She plants the explosives and runs out of the hangar.

She exits her simulation and walks through the halls of Firebird, the burn on her leg paining her much.
*Eye twitch* We agreed... *twitch* *twitch* That all recruits would fail their sim.
"Their first. Who's to say this was her first? Plus this one was just something simple she rigged up herself, not the Captains."
Alright, I can let that slide.
Can we get a time skip in the next couple hours plz I'll be able to actually post around 9 my time
I wake up a couple days later and find the pain in my shoulder's had seemed to be much less when I moved my arms, my leg, not so much. It still hurt a little to breath, but not as much as it did a little bit earlier.

Julie wakes up in her room and looks around. She walks out in her regular clothes and heads to get a bite to eat for breakfast.
I woke up with a stir, with dry blood stained on my suit. With perfect stitching in my leg as I went to try it out.
I look at the ceiling of my room, bored, and in some pain from my injuries still.

How much longer dammit...
I get up, my body still sore from the ship. I get into the shower and clean myself up. I replace the bandages, and sit in my room, cleaning my Marksman Rifle and my Pistol. I was waiting for a call to action for now, but I would need to get up soon to make sure the recruits were doing fine.

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