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I leave the room I had been assigned and head to the med bay mess hall. I was planning to go to the area they had allocated for rehabilitation so I can use up some of the excess energy I had built up just sitting in the med bay room.

I sit up in my bed my shoulder felt better but my leg still hurt. I grab a small portable computer that I had brought to me from my room and start playing a couple games I had downloaded, one of them being the almost ancient Original Starcraft.
I wake up still in the hospital bed almost ready to start trying to take off the casts and bandages, I was done being wounded.
I arrive at the medical cafeteria, get some food, sit alone in a corner, eat it, return the tray and dishes then start making my way to the 'Rehab Gym'.
Two days later

The doctor removes all the recruits and Kit's casts and discharges them to their rooms but they are to report to Rehab regularly for the next two months. I look over the Magnus Sim, still confused as to why the ship didn't attack us. "So you're telling me that from everything you can find, they were under orders to do nothing more than hack into our simulation?" Serrator, standing in a large holographic form, nods.

Yes. Whoever issued this order did not yet trust the tracking ability. The Arbiter was about to issue the attack order after the successful hack when he was told to retreat to this planet and expunge the "parasite." He had just launched purification teams when we dropped out of slip space and attacked them. Having traced the retreating Magnus forces trajectory, they are all holed up on a forward base on the planet, attempting to call for help.

I shake my head. "So now we may be fighting two enemies. Great."
I leave rehab after completing a visit. I head back towards the mess hall to grab some lunch before heading to my room. After grabbing a tray I take a seat near the edge of the mess hall and eat my meal quietly while watching everyone else through my peripherals.
OOC: Shouldn't we reassign rooms? I think it'd just be funner and more interesting if we were roomies than if our roommates were all NPCs. Just a thought.

IC: Finally, dammit. I wandered around a bit, looking through the ship, just relaxing and loosening up after several days in bed. "Rehab, eh? I wonder how bad that'll be." I say out loud to myself.
I finish my meal and return the tray with the utensils and head for my room. My armor was in there and I was wanting to see what they changed when the fixed it.

As I enter my room the first thing I note is that the arm units are completely new and the emblem of my clan was not transferred over to the new units. I sigh and start looking for the armor paint that I had stored for keeping the emblems looking presentable. After finding it in my personal effects I begin to slowly repaint the emblem of my clan onto the left shoulder of the arm unit and then the emblem of my people on the right shoulder.

After several hours I finish repainting the the repairs to my armor. Once that was done I begin putting the armor on and then start to wander the halls after I was back in my armor.
Sighing in frustration, I have Serrator continue monitering the Magnus Battle net and heading back to the our ship. I then search out Jarlburg. "See you found your armor." I say when I finally find him wandering the halls.
I stop and face Captain Roslin giving him a salute. "Yes I have. While I am still uncomfortable with the repairs not being done by me I am grateful that they adhered to keeping it similar to how my whole are was to begin with."
Hungry, I head to the mess hall. I get there, and get my food. I sit down, and start eating it.

I remember when mom had to force me to eat my greens. Damn do I miss her. I should have listened, dammit. God, I was such a brat when she was around. I mean, Christ's sake, I didn't deserve her. She was the only decent one in that whole damn family, and dad....he had to screw up everything. God, I wish I could kill him. For all he did to mom....thinking about this is making me sick.

Having only eaten about half my plate, I dump the rest, not interested in it anymore. I wander out, trying to think of something other than that. Anything but that.
I walk by Roslin and Jarlburg on my way to the rehab gym for a little bit of personal training. I absently rub the back of my arm where I had been hit with the plasma round. The hem of my robe flowing gently as I walk my mind occupied with memories so I don't know either of them.
My arms were now perfectly fine, but my leg was still in no condition to have weight to be put on it. I was moving around via a wheelchair, and I had my SMG hanging off the side as well as my XM39. My Energy Claw however, was strapped to my thigh. I moved to the cafeteria and eat some food.

Julie sees me in the wheelchair and suppresses a laugh. She used to fear me, but now, to see me in a wheelchair and she had only taken very minor injuries, it was funny to her.
I nod. "Good to hear. Techies put a lot of time into getting it right, but there might still be some mistakes. Let 'em know, and they'll work with you to fix it."
With my leg more or less back to normal, I grab a bite of real food from the mess hall, not the medbay BS;, time to give this thing a go...
I think, looking over my data pad and the designs therein...
"So far I do not notice any issues aside from a few software problems but those appear to be glitches due to the mix of software packages. Those I can adjust no problem with out needing to take off my armor."
I nod. "Good to hear. However, Gladiators are only to wear their armor when in battle stations, training, fresh out of Medbay, or on security detail. Next time we meet, at least in the halls, you better be out of your armor. Captains are excluded, as we usually run from meeting to meeting and mission to mission, but that's it."
"I am sorry sir but my customs require me to wear my armor except when recieving medical treatment or preforming 'other' activities. I hope that it isn't a problem and I will comply with regulations should it be."
"Unfortunately, it will be. We...intimidate the Marines. While we'd never take advantage of this factor, or well, most of us wouldn't, in case one of us does, the lack of armor makes it easier for marines to detain the Gladiator until a Captain or higher ranked official can deal with the situation. You understand right?"
I let out a laugh.
"Make it easier, I've seen krigere fight even more fierce out of armor. At least in armor a high voltage shock locks the armor prohibiting movement. I will comply though sir and will remove my armor when we are done here."
"It's not you I'm worried about truthfully."

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