Humanities Best, The Third

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I remain silent and tilt my head in a curious manner towards the Captain.
Finishing up my meal, I grab my data pad and head down to the armory...
I head over to the rehab center, deciding starting to re-learn how to use my arm would help with the memories.
"Trust me, you'll know them when you see them." Turning to leave, I stop and toss him a kukri knife like what I had. "You never know when it might come in handy." An engineer stops Eric as he walks.

"You recruit Eric?"
I nod;
"Yeah, why?"
I ask, curious.
"Captain Roslin left orders to show you the Forge he uses to make some of his melee weapons."
Walking down to rehab, I pass Eric.
"Hey." I say simply, while walking past.
I nod and wave slightly in acknowledgment to Stephany before turning back to the engineer;
"Lead on."
As I walk on, slowly due to my injuries, I spot Roslin and Jarlburg as well. My gut hurts, but hey, rehab is supposed to fix that.

"Hi." I say, pausing to take a breath. I had noticed my breathing was a little labored since the fight.
The engineer nods and leads Eric down towards the engine room, and then into a door just outside where what looks like a replica of a medieval forge made of metal sits. "Don't underestimate it's appearance. That thing works."

I nod to Stephany as I walk away and head to my forge. If I was right, Eric should be there by now.
I whistle, looking the place over;
"Damn... talk about authentic... Afraid I've never used one before..."
I walk in right about then. "That's why I'm here. Takes a bit of practice, but you'll learn soon enough. Now, what was it you wanted to make again?"
I get up from cleaning my weapons, and suit up in the armor. I needed to go do something, and as the armor clamps on, I remember the battle on the ship, and the announcement following about a parasite race being discovered on the planet. I still believed the best course of action was a UAV Drone team, but I knew that anything I said wouldn't make a difference. The helmet seals in, and I set off, my shoulder still hurting, but not as bad.
"A nice traditional war hammer, something capable of punching a hole clean through most infantry."
I say, pulling up my design on the data pad.

Looks something like this:
I nod at the Captain as he leave and hold the knife firmly and turn to Stephany.
"How are you fairing today?"
Looking it over, I nod. "It was good for it's time, but Safrillion armor is considerably thicker than the old steel plate armor. Add about one inch long spikes to the hammer side, and you'll have it."
"Eh, I'm doing all right. Damn shoulder still hurts, gut too. But that's expected. How are you?"
I nod;
"That works.."
I say, making the necessary adjustments to the blue prints;
"So... How do I go about this?.."
I ask.
I grab some of the bare knife blades, removing my armor from the chest up and unzipping the jumpsuit the same distance. "First, we melt them down."
"Sore but my pain tolerance is returning to what it used to be. Can't say that drawing breath doesn't feel as though a dragon is breathing fire on my abdomen though."

"You never really have lived until you actually have had that happen either." I say rather jokingly/seriously in reference to the dragon.

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