Humanities Best, The Third

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For those of you who don't know what a kukri is.
After completing the days rehab schedule I leave and a short walk later find Jarlburg and Stephany blocking my path so I stop. "Hello."

I slowly make my to rehab my leg still hurt but I could manage somewhat. I had already gone to the cafeteria for some real food.
"Sargent." I salute to Kit when she stops in the hall.
"Hi." I say simply before turning back to Jarlburg.

"Yeah, that bone regrow stuff is awful. I'm heading down to rehab right now, I'm hoping it'll help."
"When it is just me don't I hate it when people do that. And honestly I don't really like rank not after ..." I trail off.
"I feel the same way about rank. And after what?"
"Sorry mame' part of how I was trained."

I turn to Stephany real quick. "Rehab should help with the pain though you will grow tolerant to it before long."
"Well, yeah. I also need to learn to use this damn arm again. You should probably go to rehab too, just a tip from a trained medic."
"That's ... personal." I say my voice has a hint of something dark to it. I suddenly brighten up. "That is fine Jarlburg and I hope you both have a good time in your rehab I have some other things to do." I move past the two recruits and continue on my way half searching for Roslin, half just wandering and thinking about the past.
"I had my rehab session this morning. I prefer to get it out of the way as soon as possible so I feel less irritation with being babied by the medical personal. I didn't get rehab sessions when my leg was replaced, instead the dropped me thirty kilometers into the barrens with the other recruits for the weekly training scenario."
A marine grunts and stops. "In case you forgot, we're at war. Rehab is better for making sure you've healed than dropping you in a live fire scenario." With that, he continues on his patrol.
I arrive at the simulation room, and plug Solace into the computer. I start to go over some of the combat data that was collected in the ship, and try to make scenarios for everyone to try out.
Something is bothering you. Solace pipes up, and I smile weakly.
"Really? And here I thought I was hiding it well." I reach over and type something into the computer, and listened as my stomach growled.
"Play nice Solace. I need something for the simulations. I'm going to go grab a bite to eat." I say, and get up, walking off.
Yes, Mikaela.
I scowl at the man trying to hold back a comment on how I could still man handle him with little effort with out my armor and being wounded. "Anyway I better go get out of my armor before someone decides to inform the higher ups. I'll see you around." I turn to head back to my room to take my armor off so the little marine didn't get to scared of me.

Once I had my armor off I set the kukri on my waist in a sheath and returned to wandering the halls.
"Cya around." I say to Jarlburg, before continuing on and doing my rehab session. I didn't particularly like it, but it would be worth it in the end.
I finally arrive for my rehab and see Stephany there as well. "Hi there Stephany."
I continue to wander around the ship stopping every now and then to examine the structural design or one of the computer consuls on the wall.
"Hey Talena, your leg okay?"
One of the Techies who repaired Jarlburg's armor see's him and approaches. "Recruit Jarlburg?"
I stop and turn to the person addressing me. "Yes?"
The Techie offers his hand for a hand shake. "I'm Technical Officer Briggs. I helped repair your armor. How's everything run?"

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