Humanities Best, The Third

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"Better but it still hurts quite a bit. You here for your rehab session also?"
I shake the mans hand avoiding shaking to hard. "It is running smoothly, a few glitches but that is to be expected with new hardware that isn't accustom to the software my armor normally uses. I have a few patches that I can upload to work those out though."
He nods. "Glad to hear it. We were all nervous when repairing it. I hope you're OK that we added an Armor Ability module for use in the field."
"Yeah. Damn things got me with a banshee. Two rounds, shoulder and the gut. So yeah, I'll be here a helluva lot more than I want to be. Oh well. You hear about these parasite things? I've only caught em in other people's conversations."
I look at the man curiously. "An Armor Ability module? What does that allow?"
"Yeah no idea what they are like or anything only thing I have heard is others referring to the Magnus having come here for some parasite or something."
Briggs pulls out a bubble shield module and hands it to Jarlburg. "It allows you to use those modules. That one in particular throws up a bubble shield that can take a tank round straight on. You'll have to recharge it after use, but it can save your life in a pinch."
"Huh, I wonder what's the deal with it then. I betcha twenty bucks that's our next mission, to investigate the things."
I chuckle slightly. "It probably is but it'll end up waiting till after everyone is done with rehab ... most likely at least."
"Interesting..... What other options are there?" I look over the module thoroughly making sure not to over look even the smallest marking.
"Yeah. I couldn't get out of this damn place sooner, though I'm not too keen on getting into combat again, I'll admit."
"Yeah although it is fun I don't think I want to go live fire again for a while."
"Cloaking, armor lock, we call it sprint, but it increases your speed and agility, and then Captain Roslin uses a custom built module called the Rifter. It causes his suit to over load and project a small field of time space distortion that slows down the reaction speeds of any unfriendly that enters the field. Don't ask why it doesn't affect friendlies, we haven't figured out why. We do know that enemies perceive the field as Captain Roslin speeding up." He pauses to breath, then continues. "There's a large number, come see me in the Tech lab and I'll see what I can do for you."
"Right, lead on my good man." I hand the bubble shield module back to him and follow him back to the Tech lab.
"I don't see what's fun about it. I mean, for Christ's sake, how many people got killed last time? I had blood from my squadmates all over me. It was awful."
Briggs takes it back and leads the way, opening the door and showing Jarlburg the many shelves with Armor Abilities. "Welcome to the Hall of Armor. Here, you'll find what you need."
My face goes somber rather rapidly. "Sorry that part was horrible ... n-never mind." I turn away and again start making my way slowly into the rehab area.
My face shows awe as I look around the shelves for which armor module would suit me best. "There is so many....."
Looking at Talena with an odd expression, I shrug and move into the rehab area, meeting with the staff and doing my routine.
One Week Later

I sat in a briefing room, having summoned all the Recruits, who had been promoted to Private, to it. Sir, are you sure? Taking them from their units? I nod.

"They work well together, and this is simple recon. If something goes wrong, I'll drop pod in all their team mates and drop in myself." Serrator simply shakes his head and continues on with bringing up all the information we'd gathered over the Battle Net and from the files.

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