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"I am not surprised and I will respect the boy wishes. I do ask one more favor before I depart, could the gifts that I am supposed to bring him be given to him?" Gerrold straitens up and gestures to one of his followers that had a large pack strapped to his back. "Or is this something I would need to speak to the captain about?"

I remain silent for now waiting for the briefing to end.
"You know what I wish to know? Why we don't just leave the damn place alone. Make sure nothing gets in or out, if needed, but why the hell should we risk so many damn lives for some research or whatever the hell it is that you want. Trust me, sir, your plan will certainly lead to casualties, and possibly- hell probably even a massacre. Everyone in this room right now? They're a damn goner if you go through with this. I godd@mn guarantee it. Sir, if I were to recommend something, how about we send a couple of people down first, just to scout. Hell, I'll do it alone if you want me to, not like I care. Anything but sending anyone down blindly."
"Private, you're three unallowed sentences from insubordination. Do you think I'd be sending you if I thought it was too dangerous? Scans indicate that almost all the parasitical creatures are around the Magnus forward base and that all the ones that aren't there are killable by small arms fire. If you don't report in after an hour, I'll drop in personally on your last known location and safe your asses. Now, if there are no further questions, this briefing is done."

Gerald thinks a moment. "Captain will come speak with you. Ask him then."
"Sir, I have another question."
Gerrold nods and once again leans on his great mace.


I, once again, remain quiet looking at the captain.
"Stephany, no more. We're finalizing orbital scans over the next few weeks and should have a better idea of what they are by the time you deploy. For now, rather than kill yourself with worry, leave that to the ranked officers. Dismissed." I shook my head in annoyance. She's getting worked up over a preliminary briefing that won't matter by the time they deploy as we'll have more info in three weeks. Leaving the room, I head to the hangar, where I see Jarlburg's visitor. "You're Gerrold of the Gersal clan I presume?"
I scoff at him, and shake my head.

"What a damn idiot." I say, quietly, but out loud as I walk away, obviously angry.
I leave the briefing room head for the rehab center not looking forward to it at all.


Gerrold turns to address Roslin. "Yes I am, I presume that you are Captain Roslin?"
I nod. "I am. I apologize for Private Jarlburg's behavior. Seems he's rather embittered against his father, though he won't say why."
"That is for him to tell not me and it would probably help if he talked to someone about it when he feels the time is right." Gerrold waves a bit a though to signify that it isn't a big deal.
"I am not offended by his actions as I understand his view point to some extent. I have some gifts for young Jarlburg from his father, while he might not want them now I do ask that you give them to him anyway in a way it would honor his father if he accepted the gifts. How else can I assist you in regards to young Jarlburg."
Listening to the ebb and flow of the briefing, I shake my head slightly; interesting bunch we've got here... seems Jarlburg has got some rather powerful conections he'd rather not have... and I wonder what's up with Stephany?... She seems nice enough, but...

As the briefing is closed, I head down to the forge, intending to work on my hammer.
I leave, my Mako in tow. I walk up by Stephany. "I don't like this anymore than you, but we will have to trust them. And fighting about it won't help out in anyway. It's going to be done anyways."
"Not right now, but I'll see what I can do to get him those gifts. He's a talented young man, though some of our procedures seem strange to him."
"That shouldn't be unexpected since he was raised and trained in a different setting." He motions for his escorts to step forward. They do so and the one with the large pack turns to set it down on the floor. "If he doesn't want them now please hold on to them as he might later."
"I'll keep them in my office. Anything else?"
"Not at this time. We may return in time to take Jarlburg back to our people. Until then I bid you farewell." Gerrold nods and turns walking back onto his ship guard in tow.
"Oorah to ashes." I turn and walk away, dropping the pack off in my office and locking it up before heading back to the forge. I had to finish my other set of Kukri for ceremonies.
Zarkun/Jester/SF: I has question but I have to leave for work shortly .... hell I'll just go ahead and ask
'Is it OK if Kit converts some empty/unused room? The conversion would of course take some time in RP and she would have to get some spare parts and likely do some modifications etc. ...' twas just an idea if you/Jester/SF say no I'll be fine with your decision.
!@#$.... What did I miss again? Are we still in the briefing room? Wait.... What forge?
I stop dead in my tracks.

"You're right. But it pisses me off that they might be sending us all to our deaths. And for a seemingly unnecessary mission too....''

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