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Rhys is down, so he probably won't, but time skips, yes. And where the hell is that feed back on what you think of Captain Winterfield's condition?

OOC: Missed it. Now let us get on vith eet! I vill leave soon, for a little while, then I'll be busy most of the day. (Church then Superbowl).

I won't be on a ton today, and I'm to leave soon, just an fyi.
Can't get on with it til Morph replies and it'll be a Superbowl kind of day for everyone, so things won't move much anyways.
I try to stay still as the doctor examine my injuries. I see an orderly preparing something off to the side and I wasn't sure what it was.

"No pain killers please. My body reacts negatively to them."
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(Church then Superbowl).
Hmm... No church for me... No Superbowl either. I never did care for professional sports.

02/03/2013 10:07 AMPosted by Zarkun
it'll be a Superbowl kind of day for everyone
Am I the only one that doesn't watch the Superbowl?

IC: I just decided to catch a few winks... It would take us a little bit to get back to the ship anyway.
OOC: No Raven I won't be watching it either. Probably will be playing a game once I get off work tonight anyway.
The Orderly nods and puts them away, instead pulling out a numbing agent. "This will help then."

I won't be watching it either.

"We have no clue what these things are capable of when we find them. I still believe the best thing to do would be to send Unmanned vehicles down and take samples, maybe see how they react when they are under attack."
"We don't even know what it is we're looking for. UAVs are mechanical. Parasites don't attach to machines. For all we know, that place will look the same as it did when the Protoss abandoned it until we send down a freaking search team."
The medical team removes my armor and starts checking out the damage. Overall, a cracked sternum, two broken ribs, a slice into the leg that went about a quarter of a centimeter into the bone, a cut across the stomach just missing the organs, a heavily broken right shoulder, and a slash that when half way through the left shoulder. Shadowfax reports the damage to Roslin.
"I would still prefer to not have any drugs at all as I prefer having my wits about me." I state firmly.
"It's a numbing agent. Doesn't do anything other than increase the amount of a certain chemical your body produces to keep your nerve endings from firing." I shake my head.

"Rhys is lucky to be alive. Still, he'll be pissed when he comes to."

OOC: Kroger, for the sake of medicinal knowledge, allow that one.
Wait, we're on the ship? Well....

IC: I awoke to find myself on a medical bed in the medbay... Most of the injured was in here and I just mostly need to know what kind of procedure they are going to use on me. "So... What are we doing for the leg?" That's when I saw Winterfield across from me. "!@#$..."

OOC: Doing First Person for now.
"Sew up the damage. You got lucky compared to the Captain there. Still, he'll be OK."
I chuckle at that... "The Captain over there might want to kill every Magnus bastard when he awakens."
"Captain was a bit of an overconfident fool and took on the Arbiter without back up. Still, all things considered, he's been worse off."
I stubbornly refuse for a short while longer before I finally give. "Fine just as little as possible."
I lay quietly as the medics begin patching up my leg;
"Given the wounds, we can apply directly to the site. Just...don't try and use your arms while they're numb. You'll hate the feeling."
"Maybe it shall make him think about what he did... As a lesson learned for his confidence and recklessness."

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