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"It's not unnessecary, if we learn about this thing we could combat it." Julie says to her. "And they wouldn't send us to our deaths. Suicide missions are for the Captains."
"You may have faith in them, but I don't. Hell, I don't think I've trusted anybody since I got here. Nobody deserves to be trusted."
CR, the forge doesn't concern you, and the briefing is over. Read all my posts for a summary of the mission at this time.

@Morph-Rejected. It's a war ship. There are no unused rooms.
"I'm sure you would change your opinion if you got to know some of the people. Roslin can definitely be trusted. I think the only person you can't trust is Captain Winterfield."
"That's funny, it really is. You can't trust anyone. Not your commanders, not your comrades, not your friends....hell, not even your damn family."
"I don't care what happened to you, still doesn't mean you cannot trust anyone. Sure there are few who can be trusted, and they are the people like you. You can trust all of the Gladiators, except for Winterfield."
"Never trusted anyone before, ain't gonna start now." I reply. It was a lie, really. I mean, just a week ago or so I'd told Jarlburg my history, and that's something I wouldn't do unless I trusted someone. I dunno why I trusted him, anyway. I really wish I hadn't told him sometimes.
Julie says. "Well then I guess you aren't cut out for the real world. You need trust to survive."
Passing Julie and Stephany I overhear their conversation;
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"Never trusted anyone before, ain't gonna start now."

"Sorry to here that.. you really should trust people until they prove otherwise..."
I say, trailing off, remembering her reluctance to about her family.
"I'll take note of that. Trusting people hasn't worked out so far in my life." I say, walking away. I just, I needed to get away from them for a little while. I wanted to burst out laughing at their statements, like trust is something you just give to somebody who hasn't earned it. Just idiots. I mean, damn were they stupid. They're gonna get betrayed by someone close to them, sometime, and then they'll know what it's have your eyes opened by the shock of it all.
Zarkun: OK. And one thing I was a bit rushed and made a very poor choice of words but I will ask again when I get home and on DA.
I shrug as Stephany walks away. Nodding to Julie I continue on my way to the forge;
..."Trusting people hasn't worked out so far in my life"... I wonder what kind of crap she's been through... she doesn't like talking about her family... ah hell, I hope that isn't it...
I leave the rehab center and wander the halls unarmored thinking on why Gerrold was sent and why my father didn't come himself. I see Stephany pass by looking rather irritated and guess it had something to do with the briefing, I simply smile at her and nod as she passes and continue about wandering the halls.

As I pass through a hall I smell a familiar smell. It smelt like artificial coal burning with a hint of hot metal. I attempt to follow the smell to its source. It reminded me of my life before I found out I was the keiser's son....
Clanging can be heard as Jarlburg grows closer, along with the sound steaming water as heated metal is put in it.
I smile to myself knowing the sound that I just heard. I find the door where the sounds and smell seem to be coming from and step into it.
I can be seen working on a pair of Kukri knives with several other projects lining the walls, among them swords, axes, and rifles. I notice Jarlburg. "I had a feeling you'd find your way down here eventually."
"What makes you say that Sir?" I examine the battle axes and claymores as Roslin works.
"Your medical history. I read it over a bit. Says you were a blacksmith before your father was revealed." I finish the blades and cool them again, putting them to the side and leaning against a wall, evaluating some of the projects I needed to finish, my eyes finally falling on a double bladed sword that I'd started sometime ago.
I walk in and nod to Jarlburg;
"What are you doing here?"
I ask, genuinely curious.
"Aye that is what I intended on doing after my proving. My mother was of the smith coalition and taught me much of what I know to this day. Well the woman who I consider my mother. I enjoyed the smells of the forge and the sound of the metal hammer beating form into raw neosteel..." I stop at the anvil in the center of the room running my hands over it.

I turn and look at Stephanson. "I followed the smell and sounds of the forge and wound up here. I find it rather comforting at times to be in a forge...."

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