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I nod, retrieving the blade and setting to work. The serrated edge would take some work, but it was do able. "Well, if you feel up to it, I need some help with various projects, might be of more use to Eric though. He needs it since I'm so distracted with my own." I glance at Eric. "You're late."
I shrug, pulling off my excess armor;
"It happens."
I turn to Jarlburg;
"I take it you've done some smithing before?"
I ask.
"It was what I did aside from training back home. My mother is a master smith among my people. Before my father decided to claim me as his own I intended on becoming a smith." I sounded rather embittered when I mention my father.

"Anyway are you working on a project Eric?"
"A war hammer, classic design."
I say, pulling up the designs for it on my data pad.

Looks something like this, but with a spiked head:
I over look the design with high scrutiny. "What material are you using?" I ask as I continue to look at the hammer design that he had in mind.
"I can answer that." I toss him a knife blade, and my Energy blade. "Try and cut that with the sword."
"Same stuff as the standard issue combat knives; need something that'll stop energy blades."
I say, gesturing to the lump of metal sitting to the side.
I attempt to cut the blade with the energy blade and am rather impressed by the results. "Interesting properties. How hot does it need to be to melt since the energy claw won't melt it?"
"Twice as hot as that blade, which is already incredibly hot." Finishing the heating, I insert it into the water and start hammering. The blades were almost ready. Once I tested it in the field, it would be a new staple in my arsenal.
"Interesting.... We have something like that back home. It is rare and only affordable by the royalty or higher nobles and only worked on by master smiths."

I look up at Eric. "Now are you wanting the hammer head cast?"
I shrug;
"Not sure. If it'll make a better weapon, than yes. Traditional weapon forging isn't something I've ever done before."

I'm off. Dinner and probably chores.
"It is variable on the size of the hammer head, while casting is easier it doesn't yield as good of a product. With this I could forge the head but it will take longer, maybe a month for the best quality two weeks for mid quality. The shaft will be better off being cast for now. Banding the hammer head will increase its durability as well."
I wander the ship eventually finding myself on an upper deck looking out a window at the planet. I could feel something down there. I couldn't tell what but I knew something dangerous was down there.
Three Weeks Later

I'd already given the call for the Privates to report to the briefing room for an info update, but was waiting in my office for Jarlburg. On my back sat the double bladed sword, which, at Jarlburg's suggestion, was separated into two blades that could be attached together for the double bladed weapon.
I arrive in Captain Roslin's office in full armor carrying my helmet. "You summoned me sir."
I nod, pulling out the pack and setting it in front of me on my desk. "This arrived for you with your medical records with Gerrold. Gifts from your father."
I arrive at the Briefing, in full armor, first and take a seat. I put on some of my music to pass the time until the briefing actually starts.
I let off a small sigh of frustration. "He would have sent something with Gerrold. I take it you didn't look into it." I walk up to the pack and start to open it.
I shake my head. "Hasn't seen the light of day in three weeks. Not since he left." I check the briefing room and see that only Talena is there at the moment. "Hopefully you'll accept. You may not like your father, but at least he cares."
I sigh and open the pack all the way. Inside there was a morning star flail, a book, and a note.
I pick up the note and read it. After a few minute I set it back down in the pack and close it back up. "Could I take an extra minute to move this to my room?" I ask slightly quietly appearing entirely neutral but inside I was a wreak.

OOC: Looks kinda like this but with a longer chain and large spiked ball and silver in color..

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