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"Of course. I'll meet you in the briefing room." I leave my office, heading for the briefing room as Serrator appears in my helmet.

Joseph, we have confirmed that while not of Zerg origin, there are traces of assimilated Zerg DNA in some of the parasitic creatures. We also have reason to believe that there is a camp of Zerg hiding on the planet. If we were to help them, they may sympathize with us. I chuckle, stepping into the briefing room and walking to the holoprojector.

"We'll see. Let's give them the info first."
I walk down the ramp of a shuttle. I had just finished a couple day look at the Magnus ship and technology. I knew there was a briefing for the privates soon and I wanted to be there but first I want to get my armor so I walk off towards my room.

OOC: could I possibly get what Kit would have found/seen/etc.
short list of places she visited on the Magnus ship with tech she looked at: bridge, their sim rooms, main engineering
I walk back to my room carrying the pack. Once I get to my room I set the package down on my bed and kneel next to it. I was still in shock with what my father stated in the note. I grab the morning star and look at its markings. I knew right away who the smith was that made it and a tear start to run down. I can't believe she's gone....
Briggs, looking for Jarlburg to give him the finished Module, finds him in his room, and notice's the tear. "You alright, buddy?"

OOC: She saw the sim stations, a few turret emplacements with them, on the bridge, main consoles, flight controls, navi computer, and pilot's stations, and on the Main engineering level, several projects that were being studied.
I quickly stiffen up and wipe the tear away. "Yes.. Yes I am fine. Just something from home..." I drop the morning star onto the bed causing its chain to rattle.
Briggs doesn't move. He'd seen Jarlburg in the Sims. Yeah he's tough, but he wasn't a match for an electrical shock. "You're a terrible liar."
I keep my rigid posture. "I'll be fine Briggs, it's nothing important. Just a letter from my father..."
"Then what was up with the tear? Come on man, if there's any one here you can tell, it's me."
"I know Briggs, the tear was nothing just feeling some pain still in my arm." I tried again at lying knowing that he would probably call my bluff.
I arrive at my room and take out my now fully repaired armor. It had taken this entire time for the auto repair device to do its job. I change into my armor and put away the robe I had been wearing. I stop just for a moment as I remember that my mom had made that very robe for me before Erini was destroyed. I shake my head returning to the present, I put stuff away and leave for the briefing.
"Man, when you gonna learn that you can't lie worth a damn? I know you. A little arm pain wouldn't make you cry."
I arrive at the briefing room, dragging Julie by the arm behind me. "She used the sim without authorization again." I say as I throw her into a chair and walk to my appropriate spot. My leg still hurt a bit when I put pressure on it, but it was much better, I wouldn't be extremely effective in combat situations, but I could still fight.
I let off a sigh trying to keep myself together.
"Listen it's about home... about my mother..."
Briggs steps in further and closes the door. "Go ahead." I glare at Julie.

"What is your issue, Private? All I asked is that you get some authorization. Nothing more."
"She died just a few days before Gerrold came with my medical records." My voice was reverting back towards neutral again. "I... I don't know what to do now Briggs."
"You fight in her memory. That's what you do. She wouldn't want you to give up for her death. That much I can guarantee."
"That is true she wouldn't, she also wasn't happy with me being taken by my father after fifteen years of her raising me. She was the reason behind me wanting to return to my people... She might not have been my biological mother but she was the closest thing I had to a real mother... My father still wants me to complete my proving so I can return to his side and take the seat as his heir..."
"Regardless of your father's wishes, you always have a choice. Hell, my dad wanted me to take over his law firm, but here I am, making a real difference rather than taking bribes to allow convicts to walk free."
I scoff a bit. "Your father wasn't bound by honor like mine. Bribes in my land result in immediate death for the person trying to bribe and for the person that accepts it. If I fail my proving the consul will have doubt spread like fire about my father's decision making which leads to doubt about his rule. Not only that but I could never return to my people, not even to visit my mothers grave."

I glance down at the morning star that now lay on my bed. "If I do return I could make a difference if I become keiser that much I know, but I don't know if I want that level of responsibility." I left off a small sigh. "If she were still around...." I mutter rather frustrated.
"She raised you to think for yourself. What does your heart say?" Briggs thinks for a moment and scoffs. "Can't believe I just f*cking said that, but I mean it. What do you feel is right?"

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