Humanities Best, The Third

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Given the time skip, is it safe to assume I'd have the hammer done by now?
Yes, you have your hammer.
I remain quiet for a minute looking at the morning star before looking at Briggs.
"I don't know... This is unfamiliar to me. I am used to a foe that I can fight face to face not something within myself."
"That's not a surprise, considering most Gladiators are. For now, get to your briefing, the Captain will be waiting." He pulls out the Armor Ability Module. "And this was finished as well. So far the tests were smooth and flawless, so it should work fine."
"Right..." I grab the morning star and set it on my back and take the armor module and equip it. "Thank you Briggs, for everything." I grab my helmet and a small picture that I had stored in my footlocker and place the picture in the upper part of my helmet and start to head out of my room. "Briggs?"
"Yeah?" He was turning to walk the other way, he still had a lot of work to do, but he stopped to look at Jarlburg.
"Your a good friend... The only true friend I've had for some time." My voice was stronger than before though slight bits of wavering are showing.
"I'm here for you buddy. Just give me a ring." He gives Jarlburg a thumbs up, something he only does for friends.
I smile and nod at him before I put my helmet on and head towards the briefing room.

I enter the briefing room and take my usual seat. I remove my helmet and set it on my lap and look around the room.
I nod to Jarlburg then resume glaring at Julie.
I nod back at Roslin and look over at Julie wondering what she did.
"You and Mikaela are impossible to find and I am not talking to the @sshole of a Captain of there." Julie points accusingly at the corner I was in just a second ago, I was now behind her, looking down upon her.
"You don't have a choice. If you can't find me, ask. Some one always knows where I am. Regardless of your dislike of Captain Winterfield, if he's the only one you can find, that is who you ask. Your blatant disregard for the rules and regulations is beyond disrespectful."
Julie crosses her arms and makes a 'hmph' sound.

I resume my original spot, but I still looked upon Julie, her reaction to the information gathered may be interesting.
Shaking my head, I look around. "Once the remaining Privates arrive, I'll disclose the new intel. And as for you Julie, start following regulations, or I'll have to take disciplinary action."
I hadn't really done much the past few weeks. I'd been given the all clear from rehab, but I didn't have anything to do on this ship. I mostly just walked around or stayed in my room, I wasn't too keen on interaction. I arrived at the meeting, walking in and taking my seat quietly.
I take note of Stephany entering and give her a friendly greeting. I hadn't really seen her much over these past few weeks which made me wonder what was going on with her. I knew however that she wasn't probably wanting to talk about at this time so I didn't press the matter.
I look down and away from Stephany as she enters the room, I was still a bit upset about our conversation from several weeks ago. I hate myself for avoiding her as much as possible but I can't seem to work up the nerve to talk with her again.

I enter the briefing room and immediately sense the tension in the room but don't comment on it. I move to the side and lean against the wall. What in Tartarus was going on in here?
I look over towards Kit as she enters and turn back to face the where the captains would be.
I walk in, my hammer at my side, as I'd been in the middle of practicing with it when Roslin called the meeting;
...looks like I just missed something...
I nod to Jaralburg and tap my hammer giving him a thumbs up. The silent message unmistakeable; thanks for the help, it's better than expected.

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