Humanities Best, The Third

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I smile and nod back to Eric. His hammer was the first thing I've smithed in years, I wasn't happy with my work but it did excel most other works out there.
With a small sigh, I grab a drink from the dispenser in the corner. Sitting down, I relax, throwing one arm over the back of my chair and take a sip of my drink.
"I take it the hammer is doing well in the sims Eric?" I ask making conversation to pass time while waiting for the meeting to start.
I nod;
"So far, so good. The bloody thing hits hard, that's for sure. Then again, that is what I had in mind."
I say, with a small chuckle.
"Yes that it should. The sims are one thing though. True combat will show better results though I have no doubts that it will do well."
"Agreed. I think we'll be seeing soon enough."
I say, taking another sip.
"Aye, I have an armor module that I'd like to test as well. Briggs says its will work fine so it probably will." I take the morning star off my back and look over its handle reading the various engravings on it written in an old dialect of my people.
I give a friendly nod in the direction of Jarlburg, but just walk on and take a seat. I wasn't in the mood to talk. I was thinking about the mission, and how all of us could be killed if anything really went wrong. Roslin's a bit of an idiot, honestly. I dunno how he got where he did. Winterfield isn't any better, hell, he's worse.
I finish examining the handle and set it down next to me. I maintain my composure after translating the entire engraving and try to put my focus on the upcoming mission.
Noting all the Private's arrival, I bring up a holorecording of the planet, with a large red dot and a smaller yellow dot. "You'll all be glad to know that you will NOT be facing the Zerg. We confirmed that about two, three weeks ago, and you will not require your heavy weapons, although readiness to use them needs to be maintained. I will be accompanying you down, but that is where we split up. You see, while you won't be fighting Zerg, there is a camp of Zerg down there. If I can convince them that we aren't going to hurt them, we'll have a valuable ally."

OOC: Too sick to explain the Zerg thing. Just remember this takes place after the pre released HotS ending.
"Good, good." I say quietly to myself. Well, at least now we knew we weren't up against the Zerg. "What might expect to encounter, sir?" I say, the "sir" being semi-sarcastic, though it didn't show in my voice or expression.
I remain quiet listening carefully but I was still distracted a little bit.
"Some cross between the old Aliens franchise xenos, and the old Halo franchise Flood. From what combat footage we can hack away from the Magnus, they're tough customers if you try and go it alone."
"Hehe. Maybe Magnus would be looking for our help then." I reply rather sarcastically.
"So what's the mission exactly, for us that is? If you're trying to get the Zerg to help, what are we doing?"
"See if you can find a way for one or two of our Beetles to drop in where they won't be seen. And give fire support to any lagging Magnus patrols. If we help them, they might not shoot at us."
"Well then, let's go." I say. I was impatient with this, I wanted to get it over with. I really didn't, though. Confusing, I know, but that's the truth. I was wondering what the hell we were to do if they did fire on us, but I decided not to ask. I knew we'd be dead either way if that happened.
"One more thing. Do not, under any circumstances, become separated from the group. If it does, hail the radio and ping your location and DON'T move unless forced to." I look at the planet. "Questions before we dismiss for preparations?"
I think about for a second.

"Not from me, sir."
"Hesitation kills. If you need to know something, ask. I'm not one of those god forsaken Ghosts the Dominion had been so fond of."

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