Humanities Best, The Third

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Julie pipes up, "So what exactly do we have to watch out for those things to do? Attack our faces? Honestly I think we could fight them by flicking them away."
I chuckle and pull up an old movie scene of a face hugger taking down a predator and putting an egg in it. "Those guys couldn't just flick them away, and we're at least as strong as them."
"Roslin, mind if I join you or did you want to go to the zerg alone?" I ask speaking in English for the first time in a few days.
"I need someone up here in mission control in case we need to deploy reinforcements. If the Zerg don't want to talk," I tap my double bladed sword and energy blade, "I'll convince them otherwise."
"Those swords likely won't be enough but ... it is your decision. I'll stay here unless something goes wrong." I was a bit apprehensive about Roslin going to a zerg hive on his own but it was his choice.

"Sir can I either drive one of the tanks if they get dropped or one of the gunships? It has been a while since I last 'got behind the wheel' so to speak."
"He isn't wearing a helmet. We could take our knives and kill them while they're stuck to our helmets." Julie comments, while I scoff, and was tempted to say something but decide to let Roslin handle it, as he was the one who was more associated with the old classic movies about aliens.
"They secrete acid to get through the helmet." I show a holorecording of the first Aliens. "Be wary, eyes up. No piloting of any vehicles. You are recon, not assault." I look at Kit, grinning. "Our knives as Hoplites tore through Zerg Carapace. How do you think a sword is going to do?"
"Swords do quite well, I know this from experience. However, I'm thinking more along the lines of the numbers of Zerg." I draw hos, which seems to be ever at my side whether I'm in or out of armor, and stare at it for a moment smiling as I remember a very fun time. "The one time I went against the Zerg with no back up ... that was fun. They just kept coming and coming ..." I shake my head now wasn't the time for reminiscing.

I frown but don't complain I'd just have to wait until another mission to do what I love ... drive a war machine.
"I offer no guarantees if I find that Ship Lord sir but I will at least try."
I stand up picking up my morning star placing it back on my back. "Guess I'd better get over to the beetle then."
"We going now then? Lemme just get my armor and equipment."
"We aren't leaving until your question is out in the air, Private Stephany. Ask and ye shall recieve." I then look at Jarlburg. "We're dropping in via drop pod, not beetle." I then look at Kit. "I was a Hoplite before all this. I know what the Zerg can do."
"I don't have a question. I said that not long ago."
"Right then, I will gather the last of my gear and be at the drop pod bay in five mikes."
I shake my head. "Alright Private, then you answer me this. What do you think you're supposed to do when fired on by the Magnus?"
"Fire back, sir."
"Then any doubts you had concerning the fire support part of the mission should be gone. Be in the drop pod bay in 20 mikes. Dismissed." I leave the room, heading for the Bridge. I had one more thing to confirm.
I leave the briefing room heading for the armory to grab my other weapons from the weapons locker. After that I head to the drop pod bay and wait for everyone else.
I leave the briefing room and head for the drop pod bay even if I wasn't going down I wanted to be close at hand if I had to.

I leave the briefing room and head for the armory to get my weapons.
Julie quickly heads to the armory and grabs her Mako and Typhon before heading to the drop-pods. "I can't believe it. I am not even allowed the freedom to train without permission." She complains to herself.
I head to the armory, and get dressed and get in my armor, before grabbing my shotgun, SMG, pistol, and medical equipment. I get into the drop pod, noticing Jarlburg is already there.

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