Humanities Best, The Third

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"Like I have a reason to use my arms right now..." I state rather bitterly towards the orderly.
"Don't tell him, but Captain Roslin hopes that's exactly what happens." He sets to work sewing up the leg wound. The Orderly shrugs.

"Be glad you still have your arms."
I scoff at the orderly. "It wouldn't the first time I lose a limb, though the reasons for loss would be different."
I didn't bother with the pain anymore... But I smiled at what he said. "Sounds like this Captain has a history of recklessness and overconfidence? Disregarding his units?"
"Usually he's able to avoid injury, but he got in over his head this time. As for disregarding his units, definitely." The orderly doesn't ask and simply finishes applying the numbing agent before the doctor sets to work.
two pages in ONE hour! nice :P no church nor superbowl for me. work however .. yes.

IC: "Not quite but similar enough I guess." I hold up my uninjured hand and Hos darts into it. I then sheath it while remaining seated.
"Go report to medical. I'll assign an escort if I have to."
"I said I would go back to the ship but I'm not going to medical." I get up and start towards the hangar.
I get off of the wall, and say "I'm heading back to the ship. I need to repair my armor and get some medical aid." I walk out, still clutching my shoulder.
I shake my head and Serrator gets back in my armor, I follow Kit. "If I have to, I will carry you to medical myself. You're going."

OOC: Morph, I will f*cking DM power you to medical. Kit is not a super human in this RP as you would like her to be.
I sigh and glare at Captain Roslin for a moment. "Fine I'll go I don't like it but I'll go and I likely won't stay there much. [Why the hell did I come here?]"

OOC: the [text] is Kit speaking in Elerian, her native tongue.
"You're beat to hell and have a broken rib. You're a fool not to go." As we walk towards the hangar, engineers can be seen looking over the ship and studying it. "Once you're on your way, I'm off to check out their sim room while Serrator checks the battle net."
Is there currently a transport waiting?

IC: I had a retort ready but I decided it was smarter stay quiet. I sigh and look around watching the engineers. "I might come raid their sim room later. No offence but I don't really like the way your sims are set up."
"You'll have to deal. Their sims, from what's been uncovered so far, this ship is specifically set up to infiltrate our sims. Fortunately, this was a prototype and now they'll never know if it worked."
"If I had the equipment and space I could probably make one I like but for now I'll ... figure something out." I smile rather mischievously.
"Until you're healed, you're to remain on bed rest, at lease for a couple weeks."
I sigh and head over to the waiting transport. "If this ship is still around by then I will be coming over to take some of their tech." I say over my shoulder.

OOC: off for work feel free to DM Kit going to the med bay and do the time skip. I will return in about 4 hours maybe.
"No you won't. We don't know how these ships work. First time we've gotten on in tact. It all stays."
OOC: Back. Gimme something to do please.
I stop, turn around to look at Roslin and put on a bit of a pout. "Not even if its from the stock of spares in the various cargo bays?"

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