Humanities Best, The Third

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I try to remain calm while the doctor works on tending my wounds. The numbing agent helped ease the pain some but I would have rather had gone with out it.
"How much longer before you finish doc?"
The doc patches me up, and puts my right arm in a sling. I still have my left arm..

He checks the gut wound, and, seeing nothing major, patches it up as well, telling me I should stay put, but if I need something, like a fresh change of clothes, to go ahead. I get up, the painkiller starting to wear off, and head for the door.
As the doctor finishes patching me up, I take note of Stephany leaving the bay. I wait till the orderly and the doctor finish and leave before slipping out of the room as well. I was curious as to what she was doing especially after her long silent moment on the shuttle.

I follow her as quickly as I could while avoiding alerting her that I was following her.
I walk quickly to the bunking area. Inside, I do not think, I do not contemplate. I simply wait for sweet release. I find the door to where my stuff is, and go inside. Looking through my things, I find it. The one personal item I'd brought with me. A 38. pistol, a family heirloom. I check the ammunition in it, and sit down.
I watch her enter her room and wait a bit before walk up to the edge of the door frame listening to what she was doing. I cold hear her going through her personal effects for a moment before the sounds stopped. I had presumed that she had found what it was she was looking for but my curiosity had the best of me right now. I glance around the edge of the door frame quickly and see her sitting on her bed with a pistol in hand. I wasn't sure if she was just examining the weapon or if she had something else in mind so I quietly listen from where I was.

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Inside my head, a mental debate, one last ditch effort by me to stop myself.

"It'll never get better. This is hopeless."

No, it isn't. Cmon, don't do this dammit. It's okay, you just need to confront your past.

"And then? I'm in one hell of a situation regardless. Just let me do this."

No...don' won't regret not doing it, I swear. Hell, if things still aren't working a while from now, you can still do it then! Just see what happens!

"And go through a few more months of hell? No thank you."

And with that, I cocked the lever back, and slowly raised up to rest beneath my chin.
I hear the faint click of a hammer being drawn on a firearm. I peer around the corner again and see the pistol now sitting beneath Stephany's chin. I shifted to get a better view and stumble from my hiding spot into plain view now.
"Sorry I was uh...." I stutter as I try to think of something. I was still rather confused that she was considering killing herself.

"Why were you trying that?" I state rather bluntly after a few moments.
I quickly put the gun down, and off to the side.

"Uh..." I say, pondering. "I was...looking it over."
"No you weren't. I heard you pull the hammer back and it's placement would have killed you should the trigger had been pulled." I state blandly.

"I didn't think your life would have been so terrible that you would have chosen to take an easy way out."
"No I wasn't. Don't hop to conclusions. It honestly wasn't what it looked like, this old thing doesn't even fire anymore anyways. And what the hell were you doing?"
"I was... following you to.... see what you were doing." I manage before biting my lip.

"Look, to me you have been acting odd since the shuttle ride back to the ship. That moment where you didn't talk to anyone seemed a little sudden and by my ancestors I've seen that look before in someones eyes when they plan on killing themselves. Some of my fellow recruits didn't even make it their first year before breaking down mentally...."

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"Sorry, but your instincts are wrong. Nice of you to make sure though."
"Really then, because it wouldn't be the first time someone has told that." I remain where I was standing not planning on moving until I knew she was going to be fine.
"Look. I am not trying to kill myself. Thanks for your concern, but please drop it. I need to get changed now, so please leave." I say, gesturing to my bloody clothes.
Julie gets her leg wrapped up with a bandage. It wasn't much. The burn had only incinerated the top layer of flesh and had left burn marks. But it still hurt like hell. She headed off to her dorm when she sees a man looking sternly at a girl. I realize they were the two really injured ones on the shuttle. "Hi?"
I awake in the med bay and groan as the pain and memories of what happened come rushing back. I look down to see that the doctors had taken the liberty of removing my armor while I was out and had put me in a hospital gown. My wounds had been bandaged and my arm was in a sling. I close lean back and rest.

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"I just ask one thing, hand me the pistol." I offer my slinged arm for her to place the pistol on. I turn my head to look at the girl that was heading this way. "Hello again Julie."
"Hello." I reply simply to Julie. I wasn't in the mood for conversing.

I turn sharply to Jarlburg. "It' old family heirloom. I'm sorry, but I can't trust you with it." I say, my voice cracking slightly when I say family.

Tell him, dammit! Now's your chance!
I look at her curiously. "I thought you said you didn't know your family."
Recap me, Scotty.

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