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"When did I say that? They only gave me away when I was twelve...not like I didn't know them."

Tell him, dammit!
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I stop, turn around to look at Roslin and put on a bit of a pout. "Not even if its from the stock of spares in the various cargo bays?"
directly related to you

Dac, Kroger and SF's recruit are back in the recruit bunk area and Talena just woke up in the med bay. other wise you didn't miss anything i believe
"From what I've heard most Gladiators are not given anything from their childhood since the are normally taken very young. Many also don't know that they might have had a family either. Also I thought you said before that you were taken when you were five not twelve. I could be mistaken and heard someone else telling their story."
"You have. My circumstances were....special. Now please, leave me alone."
I let off a heavy sigh. She was definitely hiding something but what I wasn't sure entirely. It had to be something about her family. "I am sorry Stephany I am now bound by honor and cannot let you be along with that firearm unless you surrender the clip and all the ammunition that you have for it, or you disassemble it leaving me with the action to it."
"And I'm sorry, but I cannot allow you to touch this. It is...the only thing I have left of them."
"Then I cannot leave." I state as I plant my feet firmly where I stood.
I scoff at this.

"Listen, I need to change my clothes, therefore, you need to leave." I say, the pain in my gut and shoulder returning, slowly, but enough that it pained me to speak slightly now.
"Then hand over the firearm peacefully or we will still be standing here discussing this.... Unless that is what you are wanting. To talk about the thing that is bothering you..."
Do it dammit, tell him!

"No, I don't want to talk about this. Now scram, I don't want to talk to you, dammit."
I remaining standing firmly where I was not moving at all. "I can hold my ground longer than you can Stephany. I can see it in your eyes that you are holding something back."
I think it over a second.

"No. No I'm not. Now you'd best leave, or you'll regret following me in the first place. If you're so damn concerned, you can help my sanity by leaving me the hell alone."
"What are you going to do, draw a weapon on me that 'doesn't work'? And I told you before that I am now honor bound to not leave you so therefore I cannot leave your presence until either the situation is resolved or a higher ranking official relieves me."
"Just leave me the hell alone! Goddammit, just leave!" I say, yelling, annoyed.
I sigh again. "Fine if that is your wish then so be it. Just let me ask one more thing. What was it about then mentioning of my father that set you off into this state?" I ask rather aggravated with her.
"I miss my father, that is all. Now, goodbye."
"I wish I could say the same....." I state rather solemnly and turn to leave. "I do apologize for my persistence Stephany, I just seen to many end their lives over things that if they had talked about it they might not have...." I start to walk out the door hoping she would stop me to finally talk about what was bothering her.
"It's alright....tell you the truth..." I think, I....I have to tell him. I've simply got to get it out.

As DM who set up the medical stuff, all of the injured are to remain in the medbay until recovered. That's just SOP, even in reality.

IC: "Oddly enough, they don't have spares on this ship. Leads me to believe it was a test run."
OOC: Little late now...besides, as long as they're patched up, I think they'd let um change out their clothes into sterile stuff.

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