Humanities Best, The Third

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I stop in the door way and look back at her."Well I will be there should you choose to talk to me. Just promises me that you will not kill yourself for something in your life that has happened. Do that and I will leave you be until you need me, should you that is."
"Thanks." I say, watching him shut the door. I look at the gun in disgust, and unload it, before putting it back in with my stuff. I quickly change my clothes, and head back to the medical bay.

Stephany...tell him, you can trust him, can't you tell?

I haven't trusted anyone since I was twelve, and I won't start now.

That's no way to live need to get this out...somehow.
I sigh as I head back towards the medical bay to finish receiving medical treatment. I needed to have the doctor administer the bone regrow so I wouldn't be without my arms for long. I also needed to get my mind off of home as well since think about it wasn't exactly pleasing.
They'd put you in hospital gowns and in rooms, so....that could work.
I spot Jarlburg up ahead of me, and my conscience wanted to make me tell him...

"Hey, Jarlburg. Wait up. I....guess I might have something to tell you after all."
I stop and turn to face Stephany. "Huh... Oh, what is it then?" I ask sounding a little distracted at first.
I pause, I had to go through with it, I had to. It was now or never.

"I....I were right."
I give her a curious look and bite back on my pride to keep from saying something stupid. "I... Well..." I mutter a curse in my native tongue at myself and sigh. "I will be there for you then but only as you see fit."
"Thanks. You see, I had a bit of a rough childhood myself..." I pause, breathing in deeply. "When I was younger, twelve, probably back to when I was eleven, my father abused me. It was pretty bad, but I was scared to tell anyone. Eventually, I worked up courage and told my mother. She turned him in, then..." I pause again, shaking slightly. "Then, she killed herself." I say, my voice wavering now. "My father...he was sent to prison for what he'd done. And trust me, he'd done a lot. I miss my mother though. The rest of my family wouldn't take me in, they shunned me, because they somehow thought I'd caused all that mess. I wound up here, and that gun...a week after I lost my family, I tried to rob a store. I shot someone, dammit. I don't know why I kept it, but I did, and after the incident, I got sent to this damn program." I finally finish, having by now largely lost my composure.
I was unsure what to say or do now. "I am sorry that what happened to you was caused by someone that should have been keeping things like that from happening. I am honored by your choice in confiding this with me and will not talk about it to anyone I assure you that."
I pause for a minute processing the finer parts of what she had told me before I speak again. "Now I am unsure of what to tell you but I can assure that things like that will never happen to you again and it was never your fault for what happened. You father made a choice that was cruel and shameful and what has happened to him now is more then likely not enough for his crime."
... wow.
Well done.

A brutal piece of writing there.
I nod.

"Thanks...and I am sorry for your troubles." I reply simply. I was still shaking a bit, just having gotten that out. I was somehow happy though, I was happy.

OOC: If that to me, then thanks.
I let out a small laugh. "I always seem to find trouble whether I truly seek it or not. It is never truly to far from where I am, where I have been, or where I have yet to go. The only thing I can do is wait for it to make its move and stop it before it gets to overbearing."
I nod, "I'll see you around." I say, heading towards the med bay once more.
I return the nod and head back for the main room where I was before in the medical bay.
Orderlies meet both Jarlburg and Stephany and take them to their own rooms where they can be operated on and then recover.
"Oh orderly, before I forget please have the doctor administer the bone regrow so long as there are not any forms of pain-killers addled in with it." I request as I follow the orderly.
"There wouldn't be any pain if pain killers were mixed in."
"For people aside from me their wouldn't be. My nerves start to deteriorate rather painfully if painkillers are administered to my system. Depending on the amount administered it could kill me. Besides I know that I can endure the pain as it is."
"SOP is numbing agent if not pain killers. Don't worry, we'll do our job."

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